By Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee

About the "Scopes Monkey Trials"

In 1925 a school teacher by the name of John Scopes was put on trial in the state of Tennessee for teaching his class evolution. In the next trial in Dayton, Tennessee the trial got the label "Monkey Trial" for all of it's crazy atmosphere and intense press coverage. The former Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan prosecuted Scopes for teaching his students about evolution. Also famous intellectual Clarence Darrow served as the defense attorney during the trial.

Background information on the author

Jerome Lawrence (born July 14, 1915 and died February 29, 2004) was an American playwright and author. After graduating from Ohio State University in 1937 and the University of California, Los Angeles in 1939, Lawrence partnered with Robert Edwin Lee to help create Armed Forces. The two built a partnership over their lifetimes, and continued to create screenplays and musicals until Lee's death in 1994.

Summary of Book

At the courthouse in Hillsboro, John Scopes is behind bars, awaiting trial for teaching his students about the theory of evolution. Rachel Brown, a friend and fellow teacher who also is the daughter of the town’s minister, visits Scopes. She urges Scopes to plead guilty and throw himself at the mercy of the court. Scopes remains firm in his resolve. During the trial a boy by the name of Howard Blair is asked questions about Cates teachings. The boy yes , that Mr. Scopes did teach him and his fellow classmates about evolution. Howard was then asked if he believed if we descended from monkeys, the boy said he hadn't made up his mind. There where many other people asked to the stand at the trial and where asked questions about Mr. Scopes.