May 9 Update

Grade 5M - Stoy

Calendar of Events

Thursday, May 12 -

  • Father Daughter Dance @RMS
Friday, May 13 -
  • FIELD DAY at the High School
  • (The class voted to wear their Tie-Die t-shirts to field day.)
  • 12:30 Dismissal
  • All Haddon Township Grades 3 - 5 @ the high school
Friday, May 20
  • Spelling Test on Lesson 13 words

Friday, May 27

  • Philadelphia Class Trip Money is due

Thursday, June 2

  • Rohrer MS tour (Students only)
Friday, June 3 -
  • Student Ambassador Trip to the Fun Zone
Monday, June 6 -
  • DARE Skating Trip (AM)
  • We will start DARE (Drug Awareness Resistance Education) with Officer Hoopes some time in May
Monday, June 13 (all day)
  • Class Trip to Philadelphi
Tuesday, June 14
  • EGG DROP - (2:00)
Wednesday, June 15
  • Yearbook Signing Breakfast (12:30 Dismissal)
Thursday, June 16
  • STOY School Game Day - (12:30 Dismissal)
  • (Due to construction, our closing exercises program will be held at the High

    School Auditorium. A reception immediately following the program will be held at Stoy


    *If you have any questions or concerns about any of these events, please contact me!


We had a great visit to the APPLE Store at the Cherry Hill Mall. Check out the slide show on Seesaw. They showed us some tricks to use iMovie. Each student that attended the program got a "flash drive" bracelet and T-shirt. A good time was had by all! Stoy students and store employees!

CREATURES - A Cross grade/school project

We are involved in an exciting and experimental cross grade/cross school project. The project evolved after I worked with Mrs. Karen Kiick, the high school art teacher. We wanted to collaborate on a project that involved art, writing, and technology. She invited the second graders in Mrs. Tallman's class to write a description of a 2 headed creature. She went to their classroom and they created the "heads"out of clay. Mrs. Kiick took the "heads" back to her high school students and they created the bodies based on the descriptions written by the second graders. Last week she brought the "creatures" to our classroom. Our task was to paint them using the second graders' descriptions and then come up with a "tech" idea involving the creatures. We decided to use the class green screen to create a Newscast featuring the creatures on the loose. Each group will be writing a news report and acting as if they were on the evening news relaying the information about their creature sighting. YOUR CHILD MAY ASK TO FILM A SETTING OR TAKE A PICTURE OF A SETTING THAT WE WILL USE AS THE BACKDROP FOR THEIR NEWS REPORT. They may need your help in getting to the place they want to use for the backdrop. We can't wait to see the finished products and have the chance to meet everyone that was involved in creating each creature! We hope to unveil our project at the ART EXTRAVAGANZA!