School Entry Newsletter

Dear Parent,


Transition from kindergarten to school is not an easy step. Students cope in different ways when facing this transition. It is more difficult for autistic children. This is the reason we are sending this newsletter to let you know that your child will be surrounded by a team of professionals who will be there to help Donald.

Transition Team

Those involved in the process include :

school board officials,

· principals, teachers, and others involved in planning and providing special education programs and services;

· Physiotherapist

· Speech and language therapist

· Psychologist

· Pre-school educators

· health care workers, community workers, and others who support students before and after they leave school.

· last but not least, parents. You play a vital role in the process.

Why is the transition process necessary ?

It is necessary because it builds on effective transition, makes it easier and soft the transition from pre-school to regular school , especially for children with a developmental disability. Working together will help us in creating a specific IEP for Donald. We will get to know his strengths, and use them in helping him with his needs and interests. He will successfully transition from the HSP setting, to the regular Grade 1 setting.