The Olympics of 1936

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Background Information

Germany was lead by Adolf Hitler in the common era nicknamed "The Holocaust" Nazis believed that some races were better than others and that the lesser should be terminated. Jews were the number one target. Hitler's Aryan race was blonde, had blue eyes, and were usually tall. Hitler's racist agenda was not open for the world to see for a very long time and many were killed before the truth was discovered. Hitler decided to host The Sumer Olympics and many Nations wanted to boycott it because they did not approve of the racist beliefs of the Nazis, but many ended up either going, or participating. Shortly after the Olympics, World War II occurred and tore many apart.

Hitler's Personal Agenda with the Olympics

In 1936, Hitler hosted the Summer Olympics to prove to the rest of the world that Nazi Germany was a happy, united, place to be. He was also determined to prove to the rest of the world that his "perfect" Aryan race was superior and could not be beaten by inferior beings such as Jesse Owens, an african american track-star, famously known all aound the world. He thought Jesse imperfect and was not seen any of the times that Jesse won his gold medals, many say it's because he was to embarrased to be proven wrong. The 2016 Olympics will be the 80th Anniversary of this famous event.

the link above is a museum of the holocaust and is a reliable database, it will give further information if needed.

Hitlers Action Figures

Hitler had many atheletes that he used as examples to the rest of the world to prove superiority of his Aryan race. Two of his action figures were Max Schmeling, and Luz Long. Long was a tall, blond, blue eyed, Aryan doll who was perfect in every way... Except his mind set; Although he was a perfect model of a Nazi, he was accepting and generous to people that his kind would usually spit on in discust(Trueman). He even helped Owens qualify for the games by giving him tips like starting seven inches behind the line just to be safe. "It took a lot of courage for him to befriend me in front of Hitler," Owens said. "You can melt down all the medals and cups I have and they wouldn't be a plating on the 24-karat friendship I felt for Luz Long at that moment. Hitler must have gone crazy watching us embrace. The sad part of the story is I never saw Long again. He was killed in World War II."(Schwartz) Schmeling, on the other hand, didn't take much time to meet his oponents. He fought Joe Louis, a young fighter on a winning streak, and won. This was used as propaganda by Hitler. A few years later, Louis got a rematch, and defeated Schmeling in a single round.(PBS)

In Conclusion

The Olympics left many people in awe and Hitler was temporarilly successful in misleading the people to believe that he was a good man. People were told that nothing bad was happening in concentration camps, and they believed it. The Holocaust was a horrific tragedy and many innocent lifes were took. When people learned the truth, war broke out and even more lifes were lost. Before being captured, Hitler decided that he would rather die than be proven wrong and captured for his wrongdoings. He killed his wife, and himself.

Fun Facts! (becuase who doesn't think the Holocaust was a Joyride?)

  • The Olympics Hosted by Hitler lasted about two weeks.
  • Berlin held 49 teams for the Olympics
  • German teams were allowed to train longer and herder than others
  • A Danish swimmer called "Sorenson" was 12 years old and was the youngest to win a medal
  • The 1936 Olympics was the first to be broadcasted on television
Jesse Owens Wins 100m Olympic Gold in front of Hitler at 1936 Olympics

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