Venus The Planet

Physical Properties, Location & Movement

By: Hope

Physical Properties

Venus is the hottest planet of the solar system, it is not the closest to the sun but has a greenhouse effect and traps the heat. while adding other gases like Carbon Dioxide and Sulfur Acid. Venus is very dry, but if there was water it would just boil away.

Planet Venus: The deadliest Planet, Venus surface & Atmosphere [Naitional Geographic Channel, HD]


Venus is the second planet away from the sun. Venus is 108,209,000 kilometers away from the sun. It takes Venus 225 Earth days to complete one orbit. Venus rotates on an axis but unlike every other planet, Venus rotates east to west not west to east.


Nobody ever really sees Venus’ movement before rarely scientists discover a transit. A transit is when Venus goes directly across the sun in it's orbit. This happens every 243 years.Venus rotates east to west not west to east and that's why a transit happens.
2012 Transit of Venus | HD Video NASA

Fun Sites

These are some sites that you can go to for more information on Venus.
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