Scientific Revolution

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The beginning of the scientific revolution

The scientific revolution began in Europe at the end of the Renaissance period and continued through the late 18th century.the completion of the scientific revolution is attributed to the "grand synthesis" of Isaac Newton's 1687 Principia, that formulated the laws of motion universal gravitation.

Scientific revolution in the Middle Ages

The scientific revolution was built upon the foundation of ancient Greek, learning and science in the middle ages as it had been elaborated and further developed by medieval Islamic science.

Scientific method

Under the scientific method that was defined and applied in the 17th century, natural and artificial circumstances were abandoned, and a research tradition of systematic experimentation was so slowly accepted throughout the scientific community. The philosophy of using an inductive approach to nature; to abandon assumption and to attempt to simply observe with an open mind; was in strict contrast with the earlier, Aristotelian approach of deduction by which analysis of known facts produced further understanding.