Kepler 16b-Tatooine

A new home for humans!

Kepler 16b

  • 17 times the diameter of Earth
  • 65 million miles away from its star
  • Average temperature of -150F
  • 229 day year

Life Around Kepler 16b

Kepler has no known moons or rings

It is the only known planet orbiting 2 stars

It is 65million miles from its sun on average

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How Far?

Kepler 16b is a mere 200 light years away, and at 0.1C humans could land there in 2,000 years

Interesting Facts

  • Kepler 16b orbits 2 stars!
  • It is a gas giant
  • It is the only detected planet in its system
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Problems and Solutions

  • It's made of gas
  • It's very cold
  • It would take 2,000 years to get there

  • Create an artificial moon to orbit it
  • Harness the energy of both stars to heat the planet
  • Have multiple generations on our voyage