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Highs and Lows

Boom Trumps Washington...

That was the Facebook headline for a Bangkok Post Article about my boss, Boom Mosby who was honored as a 2017 TIP (Trafficking In Persons) Report Hero by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson last week. She is the first Thai woman to receive this distinction. Boom also bestowed remarks on behalf of all eight 2017 "Heroes"- which launched her into the limelight. The next day, Ivanka Trump tweeted a photo of Boom and an excerpt from her speech to 4 million followers (which generated quite a bit of controversy). Our organization received over 30 media requests for interviews. Also, the Prime Minister of Thailand thanked Boom personally on the evening news. The whole week has been surreal. Please pray with us that the media attention will result in support- financial and practical- to accomplish more for child victims of sexual abuse and trafficking- in Thailand and throughout the world. "Thailand should continue solving human trafficking problems with determination to help victims and (at) risk groups, rather than focus on the (Tier 2 Watch List) ranking." - Boom Mosby, pressing for progress over politics. I don't know why God has placed me by her side 'for such a time as this', but I am deeply grateful, and willing to do whatever it takes to empower her mission. Thank you for making that possible!
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On the same day Boom received her hero award...

I was involved in an accident. A motorcyclist (traveling the wrong direction) struck my car. Lowest moment: After I saw him fly 20-30 feet and land on the pavement, I really thought I had killed someone. Thailand has the 2nd highest traffic fatality rate (per capita) in the world. Praise GOD he was wearing a helmet. After 3 days of waiting, we were able to resolve the situation at the police station. The young man (26-year old husband and father of a 6-month old daughter) took full responsibility. I was able (with translation) to express my gratitude for his life, and to extend grace by not accepting/demanding payment for damages to my car. Highest moment: His wife was weeping with relief.

Partial gratitude list:

  1. Everybody survived with no serious injuries.
  2. I am blessed with supportive friends both here and in the US.
  3. I learned valuable lessons:
  • Practically: Look both ways!!!
  • Financially: Get better insurance. Keep an emergency fund.
  • Emotionally: Allow grief to come- even if it's over what didn't happen.
  • Spiritually: Trust the process. Trust God with the outcome.