CCS Grade 4 Social Studies

Preparing for Ohio's State Test

CCS Social Studies Website Assessment Page
  • Links to assessment updates and resources
  • Ohio's State Test: Grade 4 Social Studies Teachers Guide - revised with updated blueprints, performance level descriptors and released test items.
  • Ohio Test Prep - Video tutorials, interactive review games, and practice assessments for each learning target in Grades 4, 6, HS American History and HS American Government
  • Grade 4 Student Review Guide - student friendly content elaborations, graphic organizers, and released test items.

Ohio's State Tests Student Practice Site (AIR)

Students can take half-length practice tests for the Grades 4, 6, HS American History, and American Government.

Digging Deeper with Edcite Interactive Assignments

Edcite is a web-based tool designed to help K-12 teachers create, organize, and share digital assessments.
  • Create an Edcite Account - - can use CCS Google sign-in

  • Search Ohio Test Prep in the upper right search box

  • Follow the Ohio Test Prep collections for Grade 4 Social Studies Questions

  • Add assignments, copy questions, and create questions.

Mastering Ohio's Grade 4 Social Studies Test Prep Book

★ Highly focused content summaries in each of the 24 chapters provide the most essential information your students will need.

★ A Unit Pre-Test allows you to see what your students already know. A Unit Test then allows you to assess what your students have learned.