the truth in fiction

anti hero traits VS Macbeth

Traits of an antihero: Flawed, underdeveloped, dies in the end or becomes a sheep.

Macbeth traits: He was a hero until the end of chapter one where he was overtaken by greed, his main flaw was greed for power and abusing his power.

Example of an anti hero

Luke Skywalker was a normal milk farmer of the planet Tatooine, until one day he found out he had super radical powers, which let him move things objects touching them. But the empire didn't like that so they killed his aunt and uncle, his only remaining family. He now saw the evil behind the imperials and went to join the rebels. So the rebel commanders were like "yo Luke told us the Death Stars weakness" and the others were like "K." So they flew to the giant space station and blew it up.