MOM Weekly 1.11.16

It's great to be a Mayan!

Bring a breakfast casserole Monday morning and see if you can be voted #1. Admin will be hosting a tostada bar for lunch.

Professional Development Day Monday, January 11th

8:00-8:25 Library: Breakfast casserole contest (ALL)

8:30-8:55 Room 210: Admin intro (SS,Eng,Elect)

8:30-8:55 400 Lounge: Xerox & Support procedures (Math,Sci,PE)

9:00-9:25 Room 210: Admin intro (Math,Sci,PE)

9:00-9:25 400 Lounge: Xerox & Support procedures (SS,Eng,Elect)

9:30-9:55 Library: CS led Annotation: Citing Evidence (SS,Eng,Elect)

9:30-9:55 Room 210: CS led Annotation: Citing Evidence (Math,Sci,PE)

9:55-10:10 Break (ALL)

10:15-11:30 Library: Citing Evidence Lesson Planning (SS,Eng,Elect)

10:15-11:30 Room 210: Citing Evidence Lesson Planning (Math,Sci,PE)

11:30-12:30 Tostada Bar Lunch (ALL)

12:30-3:15 Individual Prep Time/Choice Tech/Achieve trainings (ALL)

Holiday Monday, January 18. Full Day Friday, January 22 (NO PLC).

PLC's, Walkthroughs, and Achieve 3000

  • Grade distributions will be distributed for discussion
  • Review finals
  • Review common Annotation Lesson on citing evidence
  • Social Science to choose and enter (Google Sheet) Achieve articles for next week
  • 2nd Hour: Cross-Curricular Groups (SS&Eng, Math&Sci, Special groups) PENDING


  • Please invite us to observe your annotation lesson
  • We should be able to increase our instructional support now with a full admin team

Achieve 3000:

  • English will deliver this weeks articles
  • ELA 7: The Super X-Ray, Too Much Plastic Waste
  • ELA 8: Live Forever, School All Year Long?, Constant Communication
  • Advisory:

Biggest Mayan Loser

Friday, Jan. 15th, 7am to Friday, March 18th, 8am

1051 Picador Boulevard

San Diego, CA

It's time for everyone to put $10 in to back up your New Years resolutions. Enter this year's Biggest Loser contest by accessing the sign up sheet. The weigh in can be done any time this week but by this Friday. We will end on the morning of March 18th right before the two 5k's that are linked below. I will provide a special scale that will be located in the nurse's clinic. The winner will be determined by the greatest % of weight loss and first and second will earn a 70/30 split of the pot. Mr. Sikute was the champ last year, who will it be this year?
Hot Chocolate 5K Sunday March 20

$44 Through Sunday $49 after Includes a cool jacket

Race for Autism Saturday March 19

$32 most of which goes to benefit Autism research

Mrs. Salcido's WAAG

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  • Details of Summer School still being worked out. Will begin Monday, June 6
  • Interim Assessments for the SBAC will be given at our site and throughout the District
  • Calendar Quarter 3 Cohort meetings
  • For those interested we will have a discussion about a monthly cross curricular PLC format this Monday at 2:30 in the library

Where are they now? Kelly Hay & Amy Hunt

Kelly Hay,

After spending nearly 15 years as a Mayan, I ventured out of the Sweetwater Union High School District in March of 2015 and landed as an Assistant Principal in the San Ysidro School District at San Ysidro Middle School (SYMS). I began this academic year as the Assistant Principal at SYMS but when the opportunity arose for a position in the district office, I decided to apply and was hired as the Coordinator of Federal and State Programs. Since August, I have been a member of the Educational Services department and work closely with the Executive Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Innovation and the Coordinator of Data, Assessment, and Evaluation. In addition, I collaborate with several members of the support staff as well as other district and site leadership to ensure program compliance. Currently, I am enrolled in an Administrative Services Credential Clear Induction Program with the San Diego County Office of Education and am contemplating a return to school to complete an advanced degree.

Amy Hunt,

After my memorable time at Montgomery Middle School, I moved into an Assistant Principal position at Mar Vista High School and served the Mariner students and staff for almost a year. In December of 2014, I was hired as the Principal at San Ysidro Middle School (SYMS) in the San Ysidro School District, about a mile and a half down the road from Montgomery Middle School. The time I spent at SYMS was shorter than expected. At the beginning of this school year, I was promoted into the position of Director of Human Resources. Since then, my department has grown to include Pupil Services and my responsibilities have increased resulting in a change of title to Executive Director. Currently, I am making plans to return to school and earn my Doctorate Degree in Organizational Leadership.

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