January/February 2018


We began our third quarter learning geometry. We spent almost a week learning the vocabulary. Each student has a grid of the words along with coordinating definitions in their binder. Students should know all the vocabulary and be able to identify a shape by hearing or reading the attributes.

We will also be learning about fractions, specifically how to distinguish parts of a whole and parts of a set.


We are learning to recall, recount, compare, and contrast fables, myths, and folktales from various cultures to determine the central message, moral or lesson. I will be testing all students to determine their Fontas & Pinnel instructional reading level and will share that with you during our February conferences.


We are learning to write a thesis while stating opinions and supporting them with facts and experiences.


We continue learning Latin root affixes to help us have a better understanding of the meaning of words we read.

We are also continuing the spelling patterns brought to us by Making and Writing Words.


Because we rotate our time between learning Science and Social Studies, most of January will be spent learning Social Studies.


Students are learning about the colonization of America, specifically the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies.

Upcoming Events

Tues 01/26 - Talent Show Auditions

Wed 01/27 - Talent Show Auditions

Mon 02/01 - Tlaent Show Parent Meeting in Cafeteria

Tue 02/09 - Dogwood Pizza Night (Please order for Mrs. Amick's class so we can win a pizza for our year end party)

Wed 02/10 - Friends and Family luncheon in the Cafeteria

Thu 02/11 - Talent Show at Cannon United Methodist Church

Mon 02/15 - Teacher planning/staff development/student holiday

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