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Fall Newsletter

Can you believe it's already Fall? We've started off to a great school year and are so excited to share with you the exciting things that are happening in the School Counseling and Guidance Department! Also included is information about our annual OPES Hunger Drive and National Unity Day.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

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Ms. Dusek and Ms. Kennedy

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Upcoming Events

National Unity day - Wednesday October 19th

Did you know that October is National Bullying Prevention Month?

Students in all grades have been learning about bullying in classroom guidance lessons. We have learned what bullying is (and is not) and how we can work together to prevent bullying at OPES.

On Wednesday, October 19, we will celebrate National UNITY day by wearing the color ORANGE to school (sorry gamecock fans!). Students across the nation will wear orange to show that they stand united in the fight against bullying by Speaking Up when they see bullying, Reaching Out to kids being targeted and Being a Friend to all.

Please encourage your students to wear orange next Wednesday!

Fort Mill Hunger Drive - Oct. 24th-28th

Classroom Guidance


Our kindergarten students are doing a great job in classroom guidance! They have learned about being Bucket Fillers, and the importance of showing kindness at home and at school! We have also learned about handling our small problems and telling an adult when we need help with tougher situations. In addition, the students have learned the importance of using their whole bodies to listen!

7 Habits of Happy Kids

Students in grades 1st through 5th have been learning about the 7 Habits of Happy Kids. These 7 Habits teach life skills that will help all children be successful in school and in life. So far this year we've covered the following habits:

Habit #1: Be Proactive - You are in control of YOU. You are responsible for the words, attitudes and actions that you have.

Habit #2: Begin with the End in Mind (Have a Plan) - Planning ahead and setting goals is an important part of being successful in school and in life.

Growth Mindset

Students in 3rd through 5th grades have been learning about Growth Mindsets and how our brains work. We've learned that it's ok to make mistakes and that we learn and grow from our mistakes. Sometimes things may be difficult but if we work hard and don't give up, our brains grow and get stronger. If we give up when things are hard, our brains will not get stronger.


Students Thinking of Other People

We're still looking for a few more 4th and 5th grade students interested in joining the STOP Club! If your child loves helping other people and doing things for the community, we'd love to have them on our team!

Please click on the button below to learn more about STOP Club and how to apply. We'll be accepting applications until the end of October. Our next meeting will be Thursday, October 27th.

STOP Club Information

Click here to apply for the STOP Club!