Lightning Bugs Convention

11/5/12 at 1:15 in Mrs.Somers' Room (by Wills)

Reasons to vote for Mrs. King

You should vote for Mrs.King because she will create more jobs, hire better doctors, stop borrowing money from other countries, and lots more. This candidate will make your life easier! She is hard working and nice.

(By Lewis Fischer)

Our Platform


Mrs.King will make sure to stop borrowing money from other countries by having ways to make more money here, in the US, we will do this by... stop giving money to small buissnesses that don't do much, she will open more places to drill oil to create more jobs, and lower gas prices.These ideas will create more jobs, and we will save a little more money from this.

(by Lewis Fischer)

National Security

Mrs.King will keep weapons up to date by not keeping wepons to long. She will increase the salary for people serving the milatary. She will also give money to the milatary to buy better wepons.

(by Wills Black)

Health Care

Mrs. King will make sure that everyone has a health plan. We will do this by giving tax breaks to health insurance companies. She will hire better doctors to make shore everyone is healthy and safe. Mrs. King will also make healthier food cheaper by getting food from local farmers. In our speeches we will tell everyone to make better health and food choices.

(by Stewart Anne Murdock)


Our party and candidate have great ideas on how education should be run in the U.S., here are some reasons. One thing we will do is give parents more and better information about their child and their child's grades through report cards. We also think that special needs students should have better learning experiences in school. We will do this by getting better educated teachers to teach them. We will also provide healthier school lunches for all schools. Something else we will do is try to get every school in the U.S. have the same skill level so if you move you won't be farther ahead or behind. We will do this by making one teacher colledge in each state, and make it inexpensive so anyone who needs professional development training can get it. This training school will be built so everyone can get the learning that they need to know, this way they will know the same thing that everyone else does.

(by Tess Patton)

LIGHTNING BUGS (the party) - Who are they????

The Lightning Bugs are a independent, and loyal party. Who are we- your ticket to freedom of whatever you feel needs to be changed. The Lightning Bug party was invented to be a symbol of change not only to the meaning of that glowing little bug that lights up the night sky, but also to our country and how it should be run. Our party is here to light a path to making the right decisions not just for ourselves but for those who come after us. We will make a big impact on our country in a way you have never seen before. We will be a bright light for others, a humble soul for our country, and best of all a great difference you won't regret. If our candidate is elected as president she will be a record setting one by far. So for those who are still deciding keep this in mind if you vote Lightning Bug we will light the night for our people to be bright.

(by Tess Patton)

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(by Stewart Anne)