Severe Weather

By: Hannah Pyatt

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What are Hurricanes?

Hurricanes are large storms that form over warm ocean water with very strong winds that blow in a circular pattern around the eye of the hurricane .
Some effects can be that high winds blow down trees,power lines,and even buildings. Heavy rain can cause flooding.

WOW Facts!!

In the eye of the hurricane it is calm!
Hurricanes can create tornadoes!
Hurricanes have killed over two million people in the last 200 years!

Safty Tips

To be safe during a hurricane find a safe place away from a window.Bord up windows and move farther inland if you are near the coast.If you do these things you will be safe during a hurricane.


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What is a Tornado?

Tornadoes are small funnel shaped clouds that come down from a cloud with winds spinning at a very high speed.
Effects of a tornado can be fallen trees.Some people are even killed in tornadoes

WOW Facts!!

When a tornado hits sometimes one side of the street is destroyed but the other is fine!

Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma ,and Florida mostly get hit by tornadoes most!

The USA gets about 1200 tornadoes a year!

Safty tips

Find a safe place away from windows if you can't find shelter lay flat in a ditch or a low place.Do not stay in your car .If you do these things you will be safe durring a tornado.


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What are Thunderstorms?

Thunder storms are severe storms with lightning,thunder,heavy rains,and strong winds.
Some effects of a thunder storm may be power outage,floods and fallen trees.

WOW facts!!

The best time to see a thunder storm is in the afternoon
You can see how many miles away lightning is by counting the seconds between a strike of lightning and a boom of thunder

Safty tips

Durring a thunderstorm you should stay inside ,stay out the water and do not stand under trees.