GSES Pre-K News

A Peek Into Our Week


Listening comprehension is the ability to understand the meaning of words heard and to relate to them in some way. A child with good listening comprehension has a wide vocabulary and a growing understanding of the world around him. To develop this skill:

  • Read aloud to your children daily. Read books that are in line with your child’s interests so he begins to realize that there is a benefit to learning to read.
  • Encourage even young children to interact with books.
  • Attend story time at the library.
  • Let your child see you enjoying books.
  • Make read-aloud time an enjoyable shared time. Here are some picture book lists to get you started.


Students will continue to explore addition, and begin to develop an understanding of subtraction. We will work with numbers from 1-10 to understand subtraction as taking apart and taking from. These concepts can be reinforced at home by having your child manipulate small objects such as dried beans, macaroni, pennies or small snack foods, to demonstrate addition and subtraction.

Handwriting Without Tears

Letter Z:

Begin in the writing corner.

Little line across the top.

Big line slides down to the other corner.

Little line across the bottom.

Upper Case Z - Wet Dry Try (Handwriting Without Tears) Correct Letter Formation 学写英文字母

Journal Writing

Writing is contagious in Pre-K! It’s so exciting to witness all the writing that is going on in our classrooms! Students are busy adding the date, labeling illustrations, and using their knowledge of letter sound association to write words and messages to each other. They are beginning to understand that stories can be told three ways: orally, pictorially and with text. Please praise all attempts to write at home!

Farm Unit

What do tractors, big red barns, and mooing cows have in common? Yes, it is time to take a trip down to the farm! Students will come to the understanding that farm animals have a purpose to either work or provide food for us. Some questions we will explore are, Can a pet be a farm animal? Can farm animals be pets? You should expect to hear some interesting details about farm animals! Grishom Farms will visit Pre-K on May 10th with their petting zoo- students will learn about some of the animals on the farm and get to pet them too. Then The Mobile Dairy is coming to Good Shepherd on May 11th; our students will get to learn about dairy cows and see how they are milked.

Classroom of the Earth (COE)

For the first time ever, Pre-K students will experience Classroom of the Earth (COE) on campus with Mr. Long and his team! The morning will consist of students being divided into three groups to rotate through our Planetarium, tour the COE trailer/gear room, and take a short hike around the campus. Following the morning activities, Mr. Long and his team will cook grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. After lunch, students will participate in a “nature scavenger hunt” ending with propane fire pit S’mores and a COE slideshow. What a great time!

Important Dates

May 13: Pre-K Parent/ Teacher Conferences (no school for Pre-K students)

May 18: Kersting and Graham- Classroom of the Earth (more information to come)

May 19: Lee and Roetzel- Classroom of the Earth (more information to come)

May 27: Pre-K end of year breakfast 8-10 am

Birthday Shout-Outs!

May 5: Callum Johnson

May 5: Veda Cagle