Ocean Mapper

Jack McClelland

It's exactly what the name says,mapping the ocean.

An Ocean Mapper records data at sea given to him by the many pieces of equipment that is available to him/her.Essentially it's like making a Topographic map of the ocean floor. Ocean mapping has made a deep impact in today's world. Without Ocean mapping,we probably would have found Mariana's Trench. Bring a good book to read whilst you're at sea.

In order to get into a career like Ocean Mapping,you should be good at Bathymetry and Topography.(Couldn't find specific degrees) Although the job is described as "boring",

Ocean Mappers make anywhere from $89,033.00 - $136,771.00.

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Pros and Cons


1:Lot's of money

2:Get to be at sea

3:Take a break from the "familly Life"


1:Described as a boring job.

2:Long times at sea away from family(debatable)


Ocean mapping can better our understanding of the ocean floor and how it changes.

We can also use the same technology to find fish patterns for aqua-cultural reasons.

We also use that very technology to better our understanding of the condition and extent of seafloor habitats, the associations of animals with those habitats, and the impact of humans on the habitat and animals.

NOAA ship uses latest technology to map the ocean floor