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Monday, March 24, 2015

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VOP News

  • Additional Rehearsals during the Week of March 30th
  • Volunteer for Publicity on the Wall
  • Spring Concert Attire

Upcoming Ministry Events

  • Chaplain's Speaker Series (Choir)

VOP Events

  • Spring Concert

VOP News

Additional Rehearsals

With Spring Concert approaching quickly, all ministries will be having extra rehearsals the week of March 30th. Check with your ministry leaders to find out specific details, and plan your schedules accordingly so we can ensure a great spring concert!

Volunteer for Publicity on the Wall

Look out for an email from Jasmine about volunteering for publicity on the the wall next week. We need you help to get the word out about our spring concert, so please sign up if you can!

Spring Concert Attire

Don't forget that the colors for spring concert this year are light blue and grey.

Here are some acceptable combinations for men and women:


Grey Suits

Grey Slacks

Light Blue Button-down

White Button-down with Light Blue and/or Gray accent (tie, pocket square)

Brown or Black Shoes


Gray or Light Blue Dresses (appropriately fitting and appropriate length)

Gray or Light Blue Accessories (jewelry)

Gray Bottoms (appropriately fitting and appropriate length skirts; slacks)

Light Blue Tops

**Please note that your attire should be length (knee) and fit appropriate (not too tight, little to no cleavage, shoulders covered)

Upcoming Ministry Events

Choir at Chaplain's Speaker Series

Date: Tuesday, March 31st

Time: 7:00 pm

Location: Benton Chapel

Contact Gideon for more details.

VOP Events


Get excited! Spring Concert is less than two weeks away!

Keep in mind:

Extra rehearsals are coming up, so plan accordingly.

Make sure to prepare your spring concert attire.


  • Invite your friends to the event on Facebook!
  • Share the event with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!
  • Grab some flyers from Sharon and put them around campus!
  • Tell your friends about Spring Concert!
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