why suffer the cost of war?

do we really need send troops or spend more money?

Why is this an issue?

there always fights in the middle east, why you might ask your self? we have always help the middle east to gain peace with each other. but with rebel groups and unfair laws there may not be peace but what would we do to stop this if we have to kill lives or waste tax payer's money?.

what you need to know

who bears the brunt of the cost? is it the soilders,the civilians or the tax payers that are who are in danger. the tax payers and the soilders, since it cost more than 13.1 mil through 2013. this also causes fincial crisis in america such as lost jobs,people being layoff and ect. the number of people dided during the war is over 6,650 troops died in battle.
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War Child: Alice - BRITS 2013 video
Rise Against - Hero Of War

Is there any way to help?

Websites for Charitys