Chinese Cinderella

By Makayla Oakley


The setting begins when Adeline is four years old and lives in Tianjin. After a tragic death in their family Niang their step mom forces them to move to Shanghai. Then she is shipped off to a boarding school in Hong Kong.

Main Characters

The main characters are, Adeline, Aunt Baba, Niang (Step Mom), Father, Adeline brothers and sisters, Lydia, Gregory, Edgar, James, Franklin, Susan, and her grandparents Ye Ye (grandpa) and Nai Nai (grandma).


Adeline is mistreated by her parents and siblings because the death of her mom was caused by her birth. In Niang eyes all Adeline ever dose is a disgrace to the family. All Adeline ever hopes to do is study in England.


In the exposition you are introduced to a young intelligent girl who is mistreated by her family, we learn that she is very close with her Aunt Baba who treats her like her own daughter. She is also very close to her grandfather Ye Ye and grandmother Nai Nai.

Rising Action

In the rising action Adelines grandmother passes away and the family moves to Shanghai. On Adelines first day of school everyone forgets about her. Also on the way home she gets lost and doesn't know what to do. Adeline dose very good in school, but that doesn't change how Niang see's her. Also she gets a little duck and becomes very fond of it, but her dad uses her duck PLT as bait to show how well the dog is trained. Soon after the dog attacks PLT the little duckling it dies. At her new school Adeline makes friends but cant ever go over to their homes because she is forbidden to go to other people homes or have them over. even though her home life is a mess her school life is very good. she is very loved by her peers, they even voted her president. When Adeline wins her friends come over to celebrate even though Adeline told them not to.


In the climax Niang becomes so livid with Adeline that she beats her in front of her friends and makes her separate from her Aunt Baba because she thinks she is a bad influence. Adeline tried to tell her that it wasn't her fault that her friends showed up but she didn't listen. After being separated from her Aunt she was shipped away from her family to a boarding school.

falling action

in the falling action she goes to a boarding school that has only a few people. After a wile all that is left Adeline and the teachers, every one left because the war was going on it was not safe. after a wile of being there alone someone came to pick her up, her father came to move her to a safer boarding school. At Adelines new Boarding school Adeline is in the top of her class, and she takes a interest in writing. Adeline becomes so good that she inters a contest and wins. Also her beloved Ye Ye dies.


her father is honored because she wins the contest an her story and name was in the paper, so he picks her up and she him begs to let her study in England with her older brothers. Her dad say yes but she can only go to school to become a doctor and not a writer.