Park Crest Panther Paper

November 23, 2020

Table of Contents

  1. Counselor and Parent Meeting Minutes
  2. Thanksgiving Break - please be safe!
  3. Flu Shot Clinic - November 21st
  4. Canned Food Drive Continues until December 9th
  5. 12 Days before Winter Break Dress Up Days - starts December 3rd
  6. Calendar

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Counselor and Parent Meeting Minutes

Five parents were in attendance, all are parents of virtual learners.

  • The meeting lasted 1hr and15 min in the school garden with social distancing and masks.

Current status: Parents shared that they are going day by day with routines, schedules, they are overall pleased with online learning. Their students are able to sit through lessons and get assignments completed. They are aware of other friends who are having difficulties due to not able to supervise students but felt that all parents are doing the best they can with their circumstances.

Main concern right now with these virtual parents is efficiency of school technology:

· Issues with getting kicked out, losing signals, even with hotspot.

  • The hotspots are very inconsistent. Unfortunately they are not district devices so we can't do much about them. As we get new ones at the school we can exchange them, please call the school and let us know if you are interested.

· Chromebooks are very slow, wondering about exchanging them.

  • We are able to change out some of the chromebooks, please call the school and we can see what arrangements can be made. All 3rd-5th grade remote students have a new Chromebook waiting on them at school. 3rd-5th grade face to face students have already changed theirs out.

· Why parents can’t let their students use personal laptops that are faster.

  • Students are more than welcome to use their personal laptops at home or here at school. If they get sent to school please know it is at your own risk, we cannot be responsible for theft or breakage.

· There was an instance of a possible outside call into a class meeting, parents wanted to know whatever happened with that incident, how will this be prevented in the future?

  • Teachers will be changing their Google Meet codes after winter break to hopefully stop this from happening. We were unable to track the student and could not follow up.

Parents discussed Awards:

· One parent shared that she would love it if there were reminders right before things- a quick text reminder right before events helps her remember,since she works.

  • Absolutely, are all parents part of the Park Crest Remind App? If not, text @pces2232 to 81010

· One parent shared that there were students whose names were not called for AB Honor Roll. If it turns out that they were supposed to get an award, could they still be recognized at next awards?

  • Yes, we will make corrections and be sure to mention them!

Parents discussed overall mental health as parents, and mental health of students. Because all parents were virtual parents, the counselor shared her experiences with her daughters, who are face to face learners.

Commonalities with both virtual and F2F: older-aged students (4th – 7th)

  • feeling alienated at times, they are tired of precautions, of not seeing friends, and lack of socialization opportunities.
  • tending to want to stay in their rooms, isolate
  • parents shared that they have needed to give more check ins, not ignoring the isolation, and intentionally involving them in family routines.
  • Counselor shared that these students as well as parents may be grieving things that are not in their lives – their old schedules, their old lives.

Commonalities of younger students (K-3rd)

  • not as affected, whether at home or school,
  • they still look forward to same things: toys, playing outside.
  • Group talked about hopefulness of vaccine, remembering to allow ourselves “bad” days, and to model that it's okay to feel discouraged, try and have humor with your kids, (one mom calls herself the “lunch lady” every day when she makes lunch) and to keep starting over every day, and that we are doing the best we can.
  • Group agreed that all parents and staff need to take recommendations seriously over the holidays so as not to overburden what the school has in place; avoid large family gatherings, wear a mask, sacrifice certain creature comforts like seeing everyone indoors to help do our part to keep numbers from going up.
  • Parents see and realize that teachers are doing double work, they don’t know how teachers are able to do what they are doing and are very appreciative.

Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving is a time when many families travel long distances to celebrate together. Travel increases the chance of getting and spreading the virus that causes COVID-19. Staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others. If you must travel, be informed of the risks involved.
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Canned Food Drive

The 2020 Canned Food Drive begins on November 9 and runs through December 9. The focus of the drive will again be to encourage giving healthy canned/packaged foods to support our community.

Remote students can participate by dropping off items, as well.


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23-27 - Thanksgiving Break

30 - Virtual Book Fair Starts


9 - Canned Food Drive Ends

11 - Virtual Book Fair Ends

18 - Early Dismissal at 1:25

21- January 1 - Winter Break


5 - Quarter 3 begins

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Counselor’s Corner

If you need assistance with individual concerns or counseling services, please reach out to Mrs. Medrano-Johnson at, or fill out the following Park Crest Request for Counseling Services form by using the QR code or clicking on the link.

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