BILC Pre-K Newsletter

May 2016


  • April learning goals are wrapping up. Finn's interest in the planets was fun for all. We loved exploring orbits at the park using balloons and the merry-go-round!
  • Teagan & Chloe must have tired hand from all the writing of words they have been doing. Everyone got to help with their word wall a bit too.
  • Leo & Hailey and made sure we have improved on our hand washing. With Mrs. Fronk's help we better remember washing hands is different than just getting them wet!
  • Zoey will continue to work on her goal as May goes on. High school students will be able to make it over this month to teach her how to make bowls using different art techniques.
  • Henry and Nicholas created a zoo everyone enjoyed playing with. We took a trip to the library and had our first taste of good old fashioned research and note taking. It was amazing!
  • Esven got everyone involved in playing a few new games on our park trips too.

Class BBQ is at the Fronk's on Sat., June 11th at 4PM


  • Our learning goals focus for May will be 1) gardening and 2) self-reflection on our learning
  • Esven was interested in gardening so as a class we planned how to use the garden beds. This coming week we will prepare and plant in the gardens.
  • As we are spending more time outside it is important children are prepared for not only chilly mornings, but also extra sun exposure. Please send light-weight long sleeve tops to protect their arms and hats to keep the sun off their face.
  • Do tick checks at home daily please.
  • Encourage your child to use yoga poses to center themselves when feeling anxious, tired, overwhelmed, etc. We are learning to use yoga as a self-regulation tool.
  • It is a good time to check with Miss Carlie about your child's set of extra clothes. They might need a larger size or more weather appropriate options.
  • Home bags are available to check out.

All center family picnic is on Friday, May 20th at Wales Park from 6-8 PM.