Origami Owl Jewelry Launch Party

An afternoon of design, fun and fellowship.

You are cordially invited!!

This event is my personal "Launch Party" for my new business as an Independent Desginer for Origami Owl, a social selling jewelry company that features a signature line that is called "Living Lockets." TM  These lockets are designed to hold and interchange a variety of Charms and Plates. Also offered are Chains, Dangles and Tags. Please join me Saturday, March 9th for an afternoon of design, fun and fellowship.

Origami Owl Jewelry "Launch Party"

Saturday, March 9th, 11am-3pm

Southside Baptist Chruch 1001 Greenhaven Drive, Greensboro, NC 27406

PRIZES!!!  RSVP:  1 raffle tickets... Arrive on time:  1 raffle ticket...  Bring a friend not on invite list:  2 raffle tickets...  Bring 2 friends not on invite list: 1/2 price charm of choice...  Anyone who joins our Origami Owl team will receive 1/2 price locket of choice

Please RSVP!!

I am inviting you to come out and enjoy an afternoon of fun where you can design your own locket that tells YOUR story. Lockets will be unique to you and no one else. They are "personally designed by you, for you." If you see anything you like please let me know by the 27th so I can try and have it there for you to take home that day. Contact information below. I would like to have an accurate head count to accomodate for refreshments. (provided by Chef Brita Price of Erotas, Inc.) RAFFLE DRAWING AT END OF PARTY FOR FREE GIFT