Modern Japan

by Julia, Megan, and Blake

Interesting information about Modern Japan

While researching this country I found some interesting things including the types of holidays they celebrate, the leader of their country right now and some background on him, and also the language of the country and facts about it.

Society in Japan

In Japan they have a population of 126,782,557, and their capitol is Tokyo. They run there country through a constitutional monarchy, and most of the population is homogeneous(most to all are the same race). Also they are nuclear families, the kids live with their parents, and their grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles all live in walking distance.


In Japan they have 9 years of school required, 6 years of elementary, 3 years of junior high school, and 3 years of senior high school. There is also universities that more than half the population attends. In Japan their first day of school is in April and they end in March. But they have summer, autumn, and winter break.


In Japan they would start working from a young age. They are very successful in their high competitive environment, adapting western methods. They spend lots of time working on railroads, trying to improve ports, and postal system.

Temperatures in Japan

climate in major cites are temperate to subtropic. During the summer typhoons regularly hit in certain locations.

Geography in Japan

Several continental plates meat in Japan which cause earthquakes and volcanoes to erupt the most famous mountain is Mt. Fuji.

Japanese Relations to China

There has been no formal relation between China and Japan although there has been discussions between the two countries about the North Korean nuclear program.

Japanese view on North Korea

91% of Japan said that North Korea was a bad influence. There is hostility between the countries. Only 1% viewed North Korea in a positive way. Japan has the most negative view on North Korea in the world


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