Extracurricular Activities

They're good for you.

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In the article "Extracurricular Activities", it discusses the benefits of being in extracurricular activities. Explains how to get involved and how to know if you're doing too much. The activities can make your life more exciting and busy if it isn't already. Tells the reader ways to find an activity you'll like, also gives examples on how to find it. Getting involved could not only make you very well rounded but get you more active in good causes.
"The most basic reason for joining a club or team is that it gives you something better to do than staring at the wall, wandering the hall, or napping all afternoon."

"People who are involved and engaged are less likely to become addicted to bad habits, like smoking or drinking."

"Everyone needs downtime. If an activity adds lots of stress in your life, it's not for you."