infectious disease

Maliek Blankeship


Viruses- spread human contact and air born ans insect and you can treat it by flu shot and washing you hands and when you cough are sneeze cover with your elbow.

bacteria- it can spread by direct contact are indirect contact and contact and how you can treat is antibiotics

parasite- spread buy human contact and treat it by penicillin and wash your body

fungi -spread by human contact and treat it by creams and wash your body and dont wear other people's shoes


Outbreak- the occurrence of a disease greater than would otherwise be expected at a particular time and place.

Epidemic- An outbreak of a diseases that affects many people in an area specific county or region.

Pandemic- An epidemic that spreads over a very large area or throughout the entire world.


viruses,Bactria,protozoa,parasite and some fungi and the characteristics of these microorganisms include unicellular single celled or organisms microscopic kinds ans many microorganisms cause diseases


  • virus an extremely small living things that cause a disease
  • Bactria Microscopic living organisms,usually are celled that can be found everywhere
  • fungi non-living partial virus are non-living because of the repetition
  • parasite An organism that grows,feeds,and is shelter on or in a different organisms while contributing nothing to the survival of it's host.


outbreak-may occur in a redistricted area or a region cause of a infectious disease.

epidemic-an infectious disease in a community at a particular time.

pandemic-of an disease prevalent over a whole country or world.