Owner of a Restaurant

The job for Richie

Job Description

A owner is usually the first person guests see when they arrive at a restaurant. As such, it's up to you to greet customers, let them know when a table might be ready, and then direct them to their tables, the coatroom or a waiting area and gets things settled down.

What does the person do with this job???

Think about the last time you ate dinner at a sit-down restaurant. Remember the person who greeted you at the door, chatted with you about the weather and then took you to your table? That person was probably the owner.

How many jobs is there in the United States????

678,691 total of restaurant owners
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The education needed for this job

Most restaurants require that you have at least a high school education, but if you want to end up in a supervisory role, a College Degree will certainly help you out.

How much money will you make for this job???

Chef/Owners had earned an average of $85,178 in years of owning the restaurant

What is the future for this job???////// Will this job become more popular or not ????

The future is that you will become a small restaurant and then people will keep coming and trying your food that evidently or restaurant will become bigger and make more money.

This job will become popular because more and more people try our food and more will come to our restaurant the more money you will make.

What are some jobs that are similar to this one ?????

Host of restaurant,bakery,fast food restaurants,a chef.