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Upcoming Dates


September 21-Board meeting-(Those with BEST teachers need to attend, there is no reception ahead of time, only the meeting)

September 23rd-Principal's meeting

September 30th-FAIR DAY!

October 1st -Self-Assessment and T-PESS goals due (we will complete together at Prin meeting)

October 5-Board work session (Not required to attend)

October 7th-Principals meeting -Curriculum focus

October 19-Board meeting (Required attendance)

Please don't forget!!

Please bring your Ipad and your Principal 50 book on Wednesday to the Principal's meeting.

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How would you describe your school?

At the Principals' meeting on Wednesday we will be reflecting about your "brand." How would your team describe your school and also how would outside forces describe your school? Would their descriptions be the same or different? I am looking forward to hearing the discussion. Be thinking and ready to share.

Challenge: Tell me more about that......

I challenge you in the upcoming week to listen longer than you think you need to. What I mean by that is, when someone approaches you with a problem or a question , you immediately start to analyze and even solve. It's our nature right? It might even be what makes us effective in our jobs, the ability to solve. I challenge you to intentionally listen a little bit longer. Ask "Tell me more about that..." and listen some more. You might even say "what do you think should happen?" Getting in the discipline of doing this might change you as a leader and more importantly will build the capacity of those around you. GIve it a try and let me know if you have an experience you could share!