Oliver Tambo

By: Greg Taylor

Life Background and Accomplishments

Oliver Tambo was born October 17, 1917 in Bizana, South Africa. He lived to be 76 years old and passed away due to a stroke April 24, 1993 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Tambo attended University of Fort Hare on a scholarship, studied education and science. He received his bachelors degree in 1941. Oliver, along with Nelson Mandela helped found the Youth League of African National Congress. After deciding to study law, Mandela and Tambo went along to found the first black law firm in South Africa.
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Oliver Tambo Tribute by ( Lerumo La Sechaba - Uphi UTambo ) & Other Fallen Heroes

Anti-Apartheid Movement

Over the years Tambo found himself at the forefront of the Apartheid movement. In 1956, Tambo and other member were arrested for treason although they were later released and cleared. After the Sharpville massacre the ANC took to violent acts of protest. The party would later be banned by the government and Mandela sentenced to life in prison. Tambo was appointed to head the ANC while in exile, by Chief Albert Luthuli. Tambo officially became ANC president following Luthuli's death in 1967. From abroad Tambo was able to relay movements and keep the ANC intact. Tambo ultimately returned to South Africa in 1990, and later turned the presidency over to Mandela in 1991, becoming chairman as a result.


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