The One And Only Ivan

Memorial Poster

Ivan will always be remember

Ivan should of had a better life because Ivan doesn't have a real family,Ivan's real family was killed and made out of furniture,Ivan's been in that shopping mall his whole life and the "Keepers" don't give Ivan a better domain or give him enough food or good food.

But finally one of the "Keepers" care about Ivan and did something and it ended up firing him but it helped Ivan get in to Zoo Atlanta and got to connect with the other gorillas so Ivan can have a family again.I'm glad Ivan got to with others like him before he died.

A text from the book " The One And Only Ivan"

"I can just make out Bob's little head sticking out of Julia's backpack." You are the one and only Ivan"he calls. I nod ,then turn toward my family,my life,my home."Mightly Silverback"I whisper."

- Ivan

We will always miss you Ivan.