Renaissance Revival

Academics, Attitude, Action --- August 30, 2019

Labor Day, September 2, 2019

No School! We will resume our regular schedule September 3, 2019.

Homecoming Week! Pound the Panthers

Warren will play North Central High School next Friday, September 6, 2019 at 7pm. The homecoming dance will be Saturday, September 7, 2019, at WCHS from 8-11pm. Ticket cost is $10. Students may sign up to attend and pay for tickets at Renaissance.

Spirit Week September 3-September 6

Tuesday: Tutus and Ties Tuesday

Wednesday: Workout Wednesday

Thursday: Three Strip Thursday

Friday: Black & Gold Day

Renaissance Mission Statement

"Our mission is to help students identify and learn how to cope and overcome their academic and behavioral challenges in order to become productive and responsible members within Warren Township school population and community at large."


"I never lose. I either WIN or Learn." Nelson Mandela

School Calendar

Please find below link that will allow you access to the most up-to-date MSD Warren Township School Calendar.

Renaissance Webpage

For more information on what happening within Renaissance visit the Renaissance School Webpage.

Immunizations-- Health Hero

Wednesday, Sep. 4th, 9am

8931 East 30th Street

Indianapolis, IN

Health Heroes will be here on site to host a "School Located Vaccination Clinic." If your student is still in need of vaccinations you will need to complete the"Vaccine Consent Form." These forms can be picked up at Renaissance's front office. Notices will also be going home letting families know what vaccinations their students still need. If you have questions regarding getting signed up or regarding vaccinations in general please give our school nurse a call at 317-532-2996.

Vaccine Clinic Information Sheet

Consent Form

12th Annual College Prep Conference and College Fair

Saturday, Sep. 7th, 8am-4:30pm

100 South Capitol Avenue

Indianapolis, IN

Center For Leadership Development is hosting their 12th annual College Prep Conference and College Fair. This a great opportunity for students and adults to learn all they need to in order to prepare for college. Breakout sessions include: NCAA Representation for Student Athletes, How to Earn Your Scholarship, SAT/ACT Preparation, Financial Aid 101 and much more! Renaissance will be sponsoring 15 students to attend. Please reach out if you are interested in your student participating in this great opportunity.

ASVAB --Testing

Wednesday, Sep. 18th, 8:30am

8931 East 30th Street

Indianapolis, IN

ASVAB testing will take place for all seniors who have not passed the required graduation exam. If a student meets the minimum score on the ASVAB they will have met the testing requirements for graduation and will be exempt from taking required Graduation exam. Check with your student's counselor to see if they are required to take this exam.

JA JobSpark-- Middle School 8th Graders

Wednesday, Sep. 25th, 11:45am-1:30pm

1202 East 38th Street

Indianapolis, IN

Our 8th grade students are invited to participate in JA JobSpark with more than 130 industry partners providing essential career information. Students will learn about opportunities in: Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering & Logistics// Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Architecture, Engineering & Construction//Business & Finance// Government, Law & Public Service, Health & Life Sciences// Hospitality & Tourism// Technology, & so much more!

Permission slips will be going out soon! Teachers are currently implementing curriculum activities with students in preparation for this excursion.

A Principal's Perspective

Dear Renaissance Families,

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how excited the Renaissance family is about the start of the school year and to share our process for emergency preparedness. In an effort to make sure our students and staff understand and know what to do in the case of emergencies, we plan practice drills throughout the school year. Some of these drills include procedures we practice monthly, like fire drills, and some we practice only a few times during the year, like wind/tornado drills.

We wanted you to be aware of the types of drills that we practice together in the event of a school safety concern so that you can talk with your students about these situations if they should come home with questions.

  • Fire Drills – Students and staff evacuate their classrooms and exit the building. All classrooms report to a designated location outside of the school building. During these drills, cars entering campus will be stopped by staff until our perimeter is clear of students and staff.

  • Wind/Tornado Drills – Students and staff report to designated locations in the building away from large windows and doors with windows. During this drill, our exterior doors will be locked so that all office staff can participate as well.

  • Lockdown Drills – Our buildings are secured internally and externally. Students remain with staff and wait for directions. During these drills, if you visit campus, you may see law enforcement agencies like Warren Police, parked on our campus supporting this practice.

  • Bus Evacuation Drills – Students practice exiting the bus using emergency exits upon arriving to school. During these drills, cars entering campus will be stopped by staff until our perimeter is clear of students and staff.

It is important to note that your student’s focus and cooperation during our drills is paramount. When drills are conducted, all individuals on our campus must participate, and that number can be upwards of 160 people. Paying attention, being alert and following directions allows for the best learning experience during the drills. Please reinforce this at home. Also, please know that if you are in the building when these drills are being practiced, you will be asked to practice with our school.

I appreciate your support and ask that you reach out with any questions.

Masimba R-Taylor , Principal

Dean's Corner -- Discussion With The Dean

Your student's safety is our top priority. Please remind students that in situations where we are attempting to defuse a situation we ask that they immediately follow the directives given out at that time. Also, please remind your student of our technology use policy and that video taping or distributing video of student situations is prohibited.

Please review our Student Success Handbook for overview of district and school expectations.

Student Success Handbook for Warren Township:

Counselor Corner -- Conversation With the Counselor

Senior Graduation/Cap & Gown information packets have been distributed to students. I your student has not received their packet please stop by the counselor's office for pick up. Please review for purchase of cap and gown, invitations, and senior gear. Deadlines will approach quickly. You may also access this information online at for more information.

Ivy Tech will be in the house to speak with seniors September 26, 2019 at 9:30. Students will be able to sign up for this presentation during Advisory.

Upcoming Dates:

ASVAB Testing

All seniors who have not yet passed ISTEP will participate in ASVAB testing on Sept. 18th. The ASVAB is an aptitude and career exploration test given to students as another opportunity to meet graduation requirements.

Financial Aid Information Night - Class of 2020 only

Any senior planning to attend college/university should fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This no-cost application could qualify students for grants or loans. Representatives from InvestED will explain the FAFSA process and help families who are ready to begin the application.


Nov. 18th 6:00pm

Visit the FAFSA page to find out more about federal financial aid and the application process.

Important Dates

Upcoming SAT Registration Deadline:September 6 (for October 5, 2019 test)

SAT registration information

Upcoming ACT Registration Deadline:August 16 (for September 15, 2019 test)

ACT registration information

Reminder: All of our 21st Century Scholars must take the SAT or ACT to claim their scholarship. Please see information below

Social Worker Corner-- Social Work Insight

From the Desk of the Social Worker.....

As August Health Observances and Awareness Month Comes to a Close!

I would like to say thank you to staff, parents and/or guardians for helping the Renaissance family make it through our official first month of school. We appreciate you!

Let us remember that health and awareness will continue throughout our students day and lives outside of school. The teenage years are a time of transition from childhood into adulthood. Teens often have a strong desire to be independent. So they may struggle with still being dependent on their parents, teachers, and administration. They may also feel overwhelmed by the emotional and physical changes they are going through.

At the same time, as a support system l wanted to point out that teens may be facing a number of pressures during the remainder of the school year:

· Fitting in at school and making new friends.

· Doing well in school and making good grades.

· Excelling in activities such as sports.

· Participating as a member of a family that has their own daily stresses.

· Working a part-time job either for themselves or to assist in the home.

· Preparing for college or their next step in life after high school.

· They may be teen parents.

· Caregivers.

The teenage years are important and as our students asserts his or her individuality. Many of us may wonder what we can do to help. Work together to maintain open communication. If you suspect there is a problem, check-in with the student or send them to their “person” to see what may be bothering them. Do not ignore the problem in hopes it will go away. This may already be happening! It is easier to cope with problem when they are small. This also will allow us to build rapport and an opportunity to work through the problem. Utilize the resources to assist with maintaining our student’s health and emotional well-being provided throughout the month.

Senior Student Success

College and Career Planning

Led by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, Learn More Indiana is a partnership of state and local organizations working to help Hoosiers of all ages complete education and training beyond high school. Go to this website and take personality quizzes, research potential careers and educational opportunities, build a resume and more!

Financial Aid Information

Is your student a 21st Century Scholar? Log on to ScholarTrack to check your student's enrollment status, update contact information or check progress on their required ScholarTrack activities.

Financial Aid for Seniors

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) applications are available on October 1, 2019. Stay tuned for information about a FAFSA Completion night at Renaissance when we will go through the application process.

Also, be sure to follow the College and Career Readiness page on twitter for regular updates!


Warren Athletic Info

MSD Warren Township strives to maintain a safe and orderly environment for all students while in school and at after-school events, especially our Warren Central athletic events. We ask for your support in helping us achieve this by ensuring that your intermediate and middle school student is accompanied by an adult or older Warren Central sibling, who has a WCHS student ID.

Also, for your convenience, we are including a reminder about approved items that may/may not be brought into athletic events at Warren Central High School.

District Information/Updates

Warren Homefest 2019

Warren Homefest 2019 is quickly approaching on Friday, September 6th and we have booth space available for your organizations/businesses.

Please complete the attached form and return to us at if you want to set up a booth for your organization.

Business owners who'd like to showcase their products or services at this year's Homefest, please register. Booth space can still be reserved after August 9th, but it will be $30 per space for anyone that is not a Warren org or club. Informational flyer also attached.

Registration for PAYING booth space ONLY can also be done online. Scroll past the Fun Run registrations to find Vendor Registration and follow the directions. Warren Township Council of PTAs

Warren Township Council of PTAs

The purposes of this council PTA are to unify and strengthen local PTAs/PTSAs comprising the council PTA. The W...

Community Eligibility Provision (CEP)

At the May 15, 2019 MSD Warren School Board meeting, the board approved to implement the Community Eligibility Provision to allow all MSD Warren students to have access to free lunch in addition to free breakfast during the school year. This program is available to all students in every MSD Warren school. It is important to note that this program is not related to textbook rental. Families who need textbook rental support will still be required to complete a Textbook Rental application after July 1, 2019. More information can be found on our website.


Core Character Trait Spotlight For the Month of August/September: CIVILITY




  1. formal politeness and courtesy in behavior or speech.

    "I hope we can treat each other with civility and respect"

We are working really hard as a school to make sure that our students understand the importance of showing civility in all they do. Advisory classes are doing weekly lessons that review and revisit the importance of using civility in our everyday life. We are also recognizing students daily for showing Civility while at school. I would encourage you to recognize your student when you see them showing civility in the home or within your community.

Students Showing CORE!

Help us congratulate our students who are showing CORE,( Civility, Order, Respect, Excellence)! Each week students are being recognized!

8/16 winners

Tray Stone- Order

Shawn Roton- Excellence

Nico Wilson- Excellence

Josh Duncan- Excellence

Tinea Dixson- Excellence

Norah Gillette- Excellence

8/23 winners

Steven Flack- Excellence

Quincy Ware- Excellence

Quincey Francis- Excellence

Korey Terrell- Civility

Andre Oliver- Excellence