Nazi Racism

By: Alexis Remkes, Darcy Burns, and Kendall Holekamp

Hitler's Idea of a "Superior Race"

Hitler's Idea of a "Superior Race" was blue-eyed, blond hair and tall. He thought of this as a "master race". Hitler considered Jews, Gypsies, African- Germans, Jews that converted to Christianity, mentally ill, and handicapped people as inferior. If people defied him and didn't think his ways were moral, he would treat them the same way.

Ways Hitler Ruled Out His Plan

~ In 1933, Hitler had German physicians perform sterilizations, operations making it impossible for them to reproduce.

~ In school, they measured skull size, nose length, and recorded hair and eye color to determine whether the kids belonged to the "superior race".

~Everyone in Germany were required to carry identity cards but Jews had to have red stamps with a red "J". The government changed their middle names for males "Israel" and for females "Sara".

The 1936 Olympics

During the 1936 Olympics, Hitler diminished his Anti- Jewish campaign. He feared that they would move the Olympics somewhere else. Hitler took down many of his " Jews Unwelcomed" signs. In the Olympics, he allowed the Jewish to participate, but after he continued his discrimination of the Jews and would not allow them to take part in anything.
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