Inspiration for the Nation

Valentines Day Edition

How to Take Care of Elderly this Valentines Day

Valentines Day is about loving one another. So go and love on others who are lonely or injured, such as elderly! But how you I do so?

Elderly are very sensitive, physically and emotionally. That's why you have to be so cautious with them.They can be very nice people, but sometimes they can be cranky and hard to work with. But just be compassionate for them because one day you're going to be elderly too.

First of all is you have to be on alert with them. Anything can happen at any point so be on your toes, and know what to do in different circumstances. If you can do that you will be a great aid to elderly.

Knowing the facts isn't the only requirement for this studious job. You have to be kind, but more importantly an optimist about everything. They can sometimes be hard to handle, but be persistent and stay strong. They sometimes can't control their attitude and the way they act, and that is why they can sometimes be cranky.

The most important component for this job is a loving and caring heart. This means you have to treat them as if they are your own grandparents. If you can do all these things you will be a wonderful aid for the elderly this Valentines Day.

Inspiration for Your Week

We found this cute letter written by Olivia to invite a boy named Mitty to the "Lover's Dinner". We hope this cute letter will get you in the mood for Valentines Day!

Lover's Dinner

Saturday, Feb. 14th 1998 at 9pm

Wahlberg Dr

Zionsville, IN

There once was a guy named Mitty,

The Cutest and the Best in the city,

For Olivia Clark

He felt quite a spark,

And they were quite a great committee!


Refreshments: Pink Lemonade or Red Punch

Appetizer: Heart Shaped Chips with Queso

Entree: Heart Shaped Ham Sandwhich

Dessert: Hershey Kisses and a Real Kiss

Her Invitation Also Included Some Cheesy Pick-Up Lines:

"Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
You're so Stupid,
But that's why I love you!"

"You're so hot that when ever I'm around you're around I get a sunburn"

You're so cute instead of eating cuties, I eat you!

You're so sweet that instead of using sugar I use you!