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Princess Academy

Home is where the heart is...

The theme "home is where the heart is" is evident throughout this book. Miri(protagonist) is taken to an academy for 13-18 year old to fight for the hand of the prince. No matter how hard the girls try to get back to their home they can't escape the royal guards. Even though they are stuck learning the commerce and tradition of the prince's homeland, all there hearts are waiting to be warmed up by their villagers on top of their beloved mountain. "Unhappiness can’t stick in a person’s soul when it’s slick with tears" This quote is saying that when your sad about something and in this case about going home, unhappiness can't stick because your crying inside. These girls love their home and villagers so much they are will to break the rules to spend time with them- " Esa screamed, ' Rabbits, run'... Olana(academy instructor)bellowed, ' If you leave now, don't think about coming back!"

Princess Academy is a book about a young girl who has to use the rare power of her homeland to protect herself, her classmates, and the lives of her villagers

This book is about a girl named Miri who is taken to a academy to gain knowledge to win the hand of the prince in hand of marriage. Miri lives in a village near linder quarries that help support the lives of the families in her village. One day the king send an unexpected message that the prince is ready for marriage and Mount Eskel is where the girl will be chosen. All the girls near the age of 12 -17 are brought to an academy where they will be taught so they are not fools in front of the prince. Even though the teacher, Tudor Olana, is very strict they manage to learn how to read, write and gain knowledge in many different areas. Miri's new knowledge of commerce helps the village prosper in trading. She also starts exploring quarry-speech which is a form of unspoken communication used in the quarries near her village. When the price come to the ball he leaves without choosing, bandits attack the academy hoping to hold the new princess hostage. Miri uses her quarry-speech to call for help from her villagers. They arrive and the girls escape. The prince chooses another girl but in the Miri is back home with her family and has learned a lot.

Shannon Hale

Shannon Hale is the New York Times best-selling author of young adult books. The book Princess Academy won the Newbery Honor and its sequel Book of a Thousand Days has won multiple awards. Since the age of 10, Shannon started writing books. She continued to write while she earned her bachelor's degree in English. After a few rejections she published Goose Girl and then her top selling book Princess Academy.