Paper plates pedagogy

English for Adults - Entry level learners

Word focus work

This session just ran itself….

I provided paper plates, scissors, paper and glue.

The paper plate was the starting point – what could you use it for?

There were some great ideas and lots of vocabulary.

· Frisbee

· A fan

· Make a funnel

· A mask

· Picnic, barbeque, party

Great for discussion skills – getting everyone involved and thinking outside the box.

We then thought about the shape of the plate and started to look for circles in everyday life.

I showed images on the screen – a busy London street, images from the natural world, a classroom.

The students identified circles, cylinders - and we created a plate for each theme.

They started to see the letter O in words


woodpecker hole


The students did the work – cutting circles of different sizes, sticking, using dictionaries to check spellings. This was a WORD focus lesson. I shall develop it into a creative writing activity to write in SENTENCES about circles, spheres. There are adjectives to introduce – smooth, curved, round, circular, spherical, continuous….

All from a pack of paper plates!