Florida Adventure

Ari Burns 22

Day one: False Fountain of Youth

Ponce De Leon Springs, Florida is named after Ponce De Leon, which is an explorer who descovered Florida while searching for a Fountain that can make you stay young forever which was a myth. In Ponce de leon springs you can enjoy swimming in a natural pool surrounded by trees and bueatiful wildlife with manetees.

Day two: Marie Selby botinical Gardens

Wednesday, May 29th, 9pm

Sarasota, FL

Sarasota, FL

Marie Selby Botinical Gardens is basically like a giant zoo just for plants.It is a beutiful botinical garden filled with plants and trees such as bamboo,live oak,palm,mangroves,wildflowers,cycads, and a koi pond surrounded by beautiful lush green plants and koi fish in the waters.Selby Botinical Gardens teaches people not to polute the earth because if we do the lush green plants will die out and we won't see their beauty or oxygen ever again.

Day three: The Armed Forces of Military meuseum

The Armed Forces of military is a giant meuseum containing a time line throughout WW1 and WW2. It also has history about WW1 and WW2,D-day landings,and Korean wars.The armed forces of military teaches young scholors about the history of wars that have been over and difficult times in American history.

Day 4: Mai-Kai resturant for dinner

Mai-kai resturant is based on polynesian food,scenery, and dances. When you eat there you can enjoy a dinner and a show with dances from their polynesian culture.The rich culture at Mai-Kai makes it feel that you too are in the Hawaiin islands with the dancers and singers.Also it teaches people about the deep culture within the polynesians and they want to let it out in a fun and exciting exsperience.

Day 5: Everglades Safari park

Everglades safari park used to be belnging to the Seminole Indian tribe and now being protected by laws because it has become a park.Since it has been protected for a while the wildlife has gained in numbers like there are currently 350 speceis of birds within the park and 300 speciecs of other wildlife living among the park.It is becoming to turn out like a zoo but without the encloced cages around the wildlife.They offer private boat tours and wildlife shows.