Monday Memo


From the Principal

It has been a whirlwind of a week for all of us! We completed week one of iPads in the classrooms. It has been so exciting to see the engagement and excitement of students and staff members.

It is hard to believe that we are already at fall break! Next week starts fall break for students. Our intersession students are being hosted at Adams Elementary. We are so thankful for their willingness to help us out.

We have Apple PD on the 12 & 13th of October. I appreciate your commitment for these days that are required as apart of our ConnectED grant.

Ms. Wood and I are on contract for the rest of the week. Our focus this week will be completing our Accreditation Report and preparing for our Title I Fall Compliance Visit.

We are coming up on our November 2nd deadline for Box Tops. Please help us by encouraging your students to bring their box tops. Consider incentives! We are working on a Denim Day for Boxtops and possibly movie night or reward day for boxtops.

I am providing several resources in this Monday Memo. I greatly appreciate a few minutes of your time engaging in these resources. All of these resources are vital to the climate, culture and success strategies in our school. Keeping in mind, if we have included it in the Memo, it is something that we have identified as a need in our school.

Please pay particular attention to the Caring and Control video included at the bottom. It's the longest resource at about 15 minutes, but well worth the time.

Additionally, the number system is an expectation in each classroom. Not only is it our organizational system for iPad management, it is such an effective strategy for many other classroom routines.

Counselor's Corner

Starting after fall break, Ms. Gatrost will be including a short article or guidance on topics that you suggest in the Monday Memo. For example topics might include, conflict resolution for students, difficult parent situations, deescalating situations in the classroom, etc. If you have topics or suggestions please email her.

Discipline Referrals for Students on an IEP

We continue to receive quite a few referrals and want to be helpful to all of you in working these referrals. The majority of these referrals are on students with disabilities, some of which have Behavior Intervention Plans on their IEP's. It is a joint responsibility of the regular classroom teacher and special education case manager to be aware of these plans, implement them with fidelity and work through issues with these students. In most instances the discipline referrals are a result of a student having difficulty with expectations, social skills, interactions with others, avoidance of a situation, or trying to save face in a difficult situation. Many times, the behaviors are a manifestation of a student's disability. In these cases, by law, and by ethics, we are required to resort back to the quality of the IEP goals, behavior plan, and positive intervention. If you are struggling with a particular student, especially one who is on an IEP, please interface with his/her case manager, our school counselor, and if needed lets get in touch with the Special Education Social Worker to help resolve the issues in an appropriate manner.
Technology Inventory Due by October 15th

You will need serial numbers for the equipment in your rooms.