Cade & Trevors Muteinator 6000 :)

I cant hear you! Literally!


Mutes anyone one person by the push of a button. Mutes crying babies, annoying teenagers, and loud chip eaters. Invented by Trevor Plenert and improved upon by Cade Kerns and tested on several crying babies that were eating doritos very loudly. It will make a quieter and peaceful world. You won't have to listen to crying babies on the plane now also you can read your book in peace only if you buy the muteinator.


It cost $MDCCCLXXXVIII (aka $1888) (plus shipping and handling.) If you buy $22 worth of other name brand products you get a free milk carton. If you do not get the other name brand items then the regular upgrade costs $200.

Side effects

Loss of limbs, ear lobes,tounges, and the target may go blind temporarly. Also causes the t.v. to spaz out when in near proximity.

How it works

When you press the mute button a blue light shoots out of the remote and whoever it lands upon for 5 seconds will be muted.