Shark Facts

By: Ari Klein

Sharks: An introduction

Sharks are supposed to be these ferocious predators right? But what if they're bark is worse than their bite?


There are over 440 species known to man. 476 to be exact. There are more out there though! Some known species are the GREAT WHITE and the HAMMERHEAD. These are the more common sharks compared to the BULL SHARK and the ZEBRA SHARK. Out of these only 27 can do real harm.

Do sharks live in oceans or lakes?

It depends on the shark your studying . Sharks in oceans are big like GREAT WHITES and have a big bark and bite. But sharks in lakes are not to big. Most young sharks live in fresh water and travel when they get older. Most BULL SHARKS and SPEARTOOOTH SHARKS surivie in freshwater.


On November 11,2015, a man named Sam Morgan, age 20, was in the hospital for a very serious wound. He was attacked by a bull shark. He was surfing of the coast of Australia ,where a lot of attacks have happened, when a bull shark sunk his surfboard
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Shark teeth

Sharks can lose over 35,000 teeth in their whole lives! the Megaloden (biggest, longest, and heaviest shark ever found) had over 276 in his one row out of 5 rows! 276x5= 1,380 teeth in his jaws! Each tooth measured 7 inches and are the biggest teeth scientists have discovered. extinct or surviving. that's a big tooth!

Sharks have scars. Why?

Because they're aggressive. Most sharks are either fighting each other. Sometimes it's the sea loin and s fish that they eat. Maybe a little chomp on a human and a swift kick from 'em got that scar on the head... Ya never know with sharks
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Mouths are always open. Why?

Sharks swim with their mouths open because they're inhaling. Water goes through their mouths and comes out through their gills. Don't fret over it!


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