How to use your Bible

A 7 year olds guides to learning to use a Bible

First of all, try and have a bible, or at least a portion of one.

It’s hard to look up things in the Bible if there is no Bible in your home, to read or even to touch the family Bible. It’s better if there can be more than one Bible in the home to look up with.

Teach how to use the Bible little by little.

You should spend a little time each week, with a parent, teacher or a trusted adult would be fine. About 3 minutes is enough. If you add a Bible drill, this can add 3 to 5 minutes more. once you and your trusted adult have learnt a part of the said bit of the Bibe, you can move on to the next part.

When you begin to use the Bible, make sure you know the 2 kinds of Bible—The Old Testament, and the New Testament.

1. The Old Testament is the first part of a complete Bible. It is the older part of the Bible, the part that was written first. It is the history of God’s people in old times, and God’s people called the Jews, Judah, or Israel. Everything in the Old Testament happened before Jesus was born. It points to Jesus, telling us THE SAVIOR WILL COME.

2. The New Testament is the second part of a complete Bible, and is the newer part of the Bible, saying about Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. It was written after Jesus’ death. It says that Jesus, THE SAVIOR HAS COME.

Review consistently.

Many places in the Bible, God says that we forget easily. That’s why constant review is essential. it is easy do to, and there are many ways of doing it.