Do you know what you're doing on the internet?

Are all of your accounts on social media private?

Make sure that all of your accounts on social media are private so only your real friends can see what you post.

Only post things that you wouldn't mind your parents seeing because otherwise it's inappropriate.

Use a strong password for anything you don't want to be hacked

For a strong password you will need a combination of:

Uppercase letters

Lowercase letters



Is your online behaviour effecting you offline?

Our smart phones and the other mobile devices we use are fantastic. But if they start to take over our lives, then we’re in problem. If the way we’re using them is having bad effects on our health and relationships, we need to stop and think about what’s going on.

Why Does It Matter

  • Spending too much time online can be a health hazard! Recent research (Nov, 2012) from Edith Cowan University in Western Australia has recorded that 7% of Australian children aged 13 have spent so much time online that they have missed out on sleep and meals.
  • Spending too much time online can disrupt your relationships with family and friends in the offline world.
  • Spending too much time online can interfere with the quality of your homework or even just getting it done.
  • Being a good friend—really caring about the well-being of your friends—sometimes this means challenging what a friend is doing and talking about it with them.

Child Helpline

If you are being bullied or are having serious family issues, call this help line and they will guide you through it.

These amazing people are called "The Samaritans". They're a confidential, non-religious and non-judgemental phone support.