Zombie Apocalypes

With 3 regions which one is the best?

Coastal plains Rating:9

  • Location
  • Stretches along the Atlantic Ocean
  • Borders along the Gulf Of Mexico
  • Description
  • Wide lowlands
  • Excellent harbors
  • Long,beautiful sandy beaches

Interior Lowlands Rating:10

  • Description
  • Fertile soil
  • Good for farming
  • Rivers
  • Valleys
  • Rolling hills

Appalachian Highlands Rating:7

  • Location
  • Extends from eastern Canada to western Alabama
  • Includes the Piedmont
  • Description
  • Old eroded mountains
  • Oldest mountains in North America
  • Piedmont: The plateau area at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains

Ratings And Why I Gave It that

Coastal plains Rating 9: I gave it a 9 because it has flat lands and you can escape from zombies easily and you can run for miles but there is no good place to hide since its flat you can run easier and not go up any hills!

Interior lowlands Rating 10 : i gave it a 10 because its perfect it has perfect soil,river , valleys and rolling hills its good for farming! You can also live there and hide in the tall grass. There is good water and materials you need to survive.

Appalachian Highlands Rating 7: I gave it a 7 because it has rolling hills and you don't really have anywhere to hide, You only have plateaus and old eroded mountains ! There's only a plateau to hide on that's basically all you can hide in!

Tips On How To Survive

1.Dont go outside!!!

2.Stay with an adult.

3.Watch the news/hear the radio.

4.Stay away from them and don't touch them or get near them.

5.Make plans on where to escape and where to go!

6.Make sure to bring emergency kit.

7.Have a car near by.

8.Never be alone.

9.Go to a safe place.

10. STAY SAFE!!!!!

What To Bring




4.Emergency kit (band-aids ,Wipes, Blanket,)

5.Extra cash

6.Materials(Duct tape, Scissors, Wrench, Pliers, Matches

7.Pet supplies , Children toys

8.Personal documents (Passport, Medical information, Birth certificates)

9.Cellphone & Charger