Mrs Bulloch's Phys Science Class

Gardner Newman Middle School

Before Spring Break!

We ended our week with a cool lasers & lights lab, Waves unit test, and tye dye! It was a very busy week; so we earned the break! I cannot wait to see how everyones tye dye turned out!!!

Upcoming Weeks Preview

This week we will be creating videos in GoAnimate. These videos are review for the Milestones. Students will present their videos at the end of the week. We will then spend a few days practicing and reviewing to ensure that everyone is prepared and ready to take the Milestones.

Georgial Milestons will be April 14th-20th!!!

Tye Dye Tuesday is this Tuesday, April 5th! Wear your tye dye!!!

Upcoming Labs and Activities

Egg Drop - Students are challenged to create a container that keeps an egg from breaking when being dropped from different heights. To win, the container has to weigh the least!!

Making Ice Cream - Students will make ice cream by creating the perfect physical change.

Mentos Lab - Students will hypothesize which type of soda will explode the highest when dropping Mentos inside. A bar graph will be created to show their findings.