Raiders Rundown

November 2013

About Caden Freeman The Football Player

By Caden Freeman

Caden Freeman is a 9 year old boy. He was a tackle football player #34 on the white team. He wanted to play football because he wanted to try lots of sports. He started in first grade playing flag football. He played every year until fourth grade then he played tackle football. He played at Pulaski,Wisconsin. He practiced enough to play great in games.

Halloween Party

By Caden Freeman

The teachers and fifth grade students host the Halloween party. The reason they have the party is to celebrate hallow's eve and for kids to dress up and have fun. It takes place On October 31 (Halloween day). It is in the A.B.V.M. gym. The teachers get the things ready and the fifth graders help.

Spaghetti Dinner

By Caden Freeman

The people that are in the spaghetti dinner are the cooks,teachers,students, and parents. They have the spaghetti dinner to celebrate the beginning of the school year. It is in September. It is in the cafeteria at A.B.V.M. school. The way they make it is each class brings in things to help make the spaghetti.