The Viking Press

Fall 2014 Issue #4

We've gone GREEN!

Welcome to the new and improved Viking Press! Your St. Eugene School newsletter will be sent to you through our SchoolReach system each trimester. Please enjoy reading about all the great things St. Eugene students, teachers and parents have done this year to make our school a great place to grow spiritually, academically and socially!

Upcoming Dates & Events

December 12th - Christmas Show @ 7pm

December 19th - Winter recess begins @ 3pm

January 5th - School Resumes

January 14th - Guest Speaker on Cyber Safety @ 7pm (gym)

January 19th - NO SCHOOL, MLK Birthday

February 16th - NO SCHOOL, Presidents Day

Principal's Corner

Dear Dr. Brown,

On behalf of the students, families, teachers and staff we are praying for your speedy recovery! We hope you return to us soon, but until then remember, "rest is best"!

Words From Fr. George

It feels like the school year has just started, but, as I write this letter, we are less than 3 weeks away from Christmas. Wait a minute! What happened to Halloween and Thanksgiving? Time really does move at a rapid pace. In our busy society, it is easy to get wrapped up in the day to day events of our lives and lose track of time.

How do we slow down? This question is important for people striving to grow spiritually. We need to live in the moment and enjoy the people around us each day, but, this is easier said than done. Now, while I am not an expert, I do believe the solution of living in the moment must involve spiritual meditation. Each of us, regardless of age, must take time for prayer and reflection. Many people choose to examine what happened during the day before going to bed. Reflecting on the day's events, and where God was present in our lives, is a great way to remind ourselves to live in the moment.

It is important to take one day at a time. Often people who feel overwhelmed are looking too far ahead. Living in the moment helps a person spiritually, physically, and mentally. Our Lord said not to worry about tomorrow; tomorrow will take care of itself. I believe we would be happier if we could take Our Lord's advice and place it in our hearts. May God Bless you and slow you down so you can enjoy each and every day.

In Christ,

Fr. George

School Advisory Committee (SAC)

Dear Parents,

The holidays are upon us, and 2014 will soon be bidding us farewell! It is a time of reflection and setting new goals for the coming year. As I look back on 2014, I want to share with you all of the many activities and events our School Advisory Committee brought to our students, families, and parish this past year:

  • 8th Grade Scholarships
  • Catholic Schools Teacher Appreciation Breakfast
  • Little Vikings Program
  • Mardi Gras Fundraiser
  • 5K Trot 'n Treat
  • School Newsletter
  • Newly Revised St. Eugene School Brochure
  • May National Teacher Appreciation Luncheon and Gifts
  • Parent Appreciation Night Out
  • Alumni Get Together

I want to say thank you to all of our School Advisory Committee Members for all of their hard work and dedication throughout the year: Father George, Dr. Brown, Marne Adams, Jennifer Ahrens, Jeanine Brooks, Mike Crimmins, Tracy Dolce, Fran Lynch, Susie McGovern, Ana Modica, and Vince Santucci. I would also like to say a special thank you to Vince Santucci and his entire 5K committee for all of their hard work towards another successful 5K Trot ‘n Treat! I hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year! See you in January when SAC will be back at work servicing the students and school families of St. Eugene School.

Margaret Kinel

School Advisory President

St. Eugene's 3rd Annual Trot 'n Treat 5K Run/Walk and Kid's Monster Dash

Halloween came early at the 3rd Annual St. Eugene Trot 'n Treat 5k Run/Walk and Kid's Monster Dash on Saturday October 18th. A little cold and rain did not stop 652 people from attending the races from all over the Chicagoland area as well as 6 different states. The 5k included 509 total participants with the men's winner, Bo Musilewski (18:26) hailing from Chicago. The women's winner, Jennifer Brandon (18:33), joined us all the way from Boulder, CO. The Monster Dash races included 143 total participants running in 4 different races.

Our race had the honor of being featured in Chicago Athlete Magazine prior to the event, and in the results section of the November issue. The Chicago Area Runner's Association (CARA) gave our race very high marks for being a "family fun event". It also received high marks for our features and giveaways including live music, food, and post-race activities which are all included in the price of registration. Over the past 3 years, this race has truly achieved its goal of not only raising money for St. Eugene School, but also becoming one of the premier 5k events in the Chicagoland area.

This year's race raised approximately $24,500 for the technology and other initiatives at St. Eugene. Over the past 3 years, the race has generated over $65,000 and has become one of the most important fundraisers for the school. All of this would not be possible without the support of our generous sponsors, volunteers, parishioners, and school families. Volunteers are perhaps the most important resource for an event like this to be successful. This year we had the benefit a many volunteers in the days leading up to the race and on race day. It was great to see so many families from different grade levels come together to support the race, whether is was to pass out flyers to neighborhood homes, set up runner's bags, race day set up, or being a course marshal. The 5k truly brought people together at the school and parish an embodied the St Eugene spirit.

Next year's race will be held on Saturday October 17th, 2015. Please mark your calendars now, and plan on supporting this great event!

Tech News and Updates

The St. Eugene Technology Initiative, also known as S.E.T.I., has really exploded in the last 2 years! Not only has the computer lab gotten a total makeover with new computers and installed a wireless wi-fi network in the school, but we have also been using iPads, laptops and Smartboards with our children in classrooms to help encourage technological skills and spark different interests in learning. Since we had such a wonderful turnout for our 5K Run/walk, the school was able to purchase an additional iPad cart with 30 more iPads!

If you have been to our school website lately, we apologize for any outdated information. The website is currently "under construction". Teachers have been reviewing this site to make sure it will be user friendly and informative at the same time. We hope to have this up and running in the coming months! Thank you for your patience.

"A Viking's Voice"

How can our students help the Chicago Bears win football games?

8th Grade

Help! Help! The Chicago Bears are in Trouble!

They need a win on the double.

They have a poor record only 5-8.

Indeed, it's one to hate!

Maybe we should all move to Green Bay!

At least their quarterback is better than Jay.

Their defense can't stop the run.

Trestman needs to realize it's not all about fun.

Oh, the Chicago Bears are so bad!

Even Trestman is starting to get mad.

The team is worse than we feared.

Oh well, better luck next year!

By: Erin Dillon, Joe McKermitt, Sean Mullany, & Marco Troiano

7th Grade

Don't try to be cool,

you'll look like a fool.

Get a new quarterback,

maybe he won't get sacked.

You're not always a champ,

so maybe go back to training camp.

Try your best to win,

so you can be a champion!

Making a tackle isn't so hard

Try your best and you'll be on a football card!

Practice, practice everyday

and don't forget to PRAY!

5th Grade

"Maybe we can get suited up for the game!"

"Get cheerleaders."

3rd Grade

"Raise money to get a better quarterback."

"Play like the 1985 Bears!"

"Sing Bear Down, their fight song!"

"Use lucky charms!"

1st Grade

"They need alot of luck and some prayers!"

"Practice at your home and eat healthy food everyday - not just sometimes!"


"We can practice the game so we can get more better."

"If you pass it to the other team they will win the game!"

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Our Student Council officers are...

PRESIDENT - Anthony Vitullo


SECRETARY - Daniel Malik

TREASURER - Marco Troiano

Alumni Spotlight - April Adamo Schippers

What year did you graduate from St. Eugene? 1992 Siblings: Bobby 1989, Ali 1991

High school: Mother Guerin 1996

Undergraduate: Loras College 2000, Masters at Dominican University 2003

Undergraduate major:

Double Majored in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education, Masters in Early Childhood Education

Degree: Bachelor in Science, Master of Arts

Family (spouse/children): Pat Schippers (class of 2001), Isaac (9 years old), Ivy (8 years old), and Eli (6 months)

Resides In: Montgomery, IL

Current Parish: Holy Angels, Aurora

Job Title/Duties:

1st Grade Teacher at Davis Primary in St. Charles. Founder, President and Executive Director of Camp Out From Cancer. We provide care packages to children that are fighting cancer.

Company Name: Davis Primary School and Camp Out From Cancer

What activities / sports did you participate in when you were at St. Eugene?

Basketball, Softball, Choir, Altar Serving, volunteered with St. Vincent DePaul Society

How do you think St. Eugene prepared you for your chosen profession and success you’ve had so far?

St. Eugene not only provided me with many amazing role models for the type of teacher I wanted to become, but it is also where I began my teaching career as a first grade teacher from 2001-2003.

My experiences and relationships that I created at St. Eugene has instilled in me the importance of giving back and serving others and my community. Helping others grow and find comfort is my passion as both a teacher and president of a non-profit organization.

What is your fondest memory of St. Eugene?

I'm not sure if I can capture it in a single moment, but more through the relationships that were formed over 30 years ago that have been fixtures during the most important and challenging times in my life. These life-long friendships with both peers and teachers is a testament to the loving and safe environment that St. Eugene's provided and also the type of individuals that are molded in their years at St. Eugene's. So many people that I know envy and are in awe of the bonds that the St. Eugene alumni have formed and continued to hold on to for so many years. I feel that Alumni Weekend has provided us all with the opportunity to stay connected. It's always great to come back "home" and see the ones that have been there from the beginning. I'm even married to my husband because of Alumni Weekend. I'm definitely proud to say that I was, am, and will always be a Viking!!

Is there a particular teacher, coach or student who inspired you?

There are too many to list, but I would say Mrs. Hedrick and Miss Mahony. Both of these teachers not only helped me grow academically, but both took an invested interest in me emotionally. I knew that I wasn't just a student to them. That I was important and still am to them today!

What advice do you have for current St. Eugene students?

You are a part of a family that is molding you into who you will forever be. You may not realize it now, but you will look back on these years as the most memorable days of your life.

What do you do in your free time?

I devote most of my free time to my non-profit organization and growing community awareness about pediatric cancer. I was one of those moms that lived in a bubble and never thought that my family could be so abruptly and forever impacted in an instant by the words "your son has brain cancer". I work tirelessly to raise funding and give little warriors some time to just be a kid again as they fight through cancer treatment. Luckily, my son, Isaac is a survivor, but the impact and side effects from his treatment have left us forever changed in both challenging and amazing ways. We cherish each moment spent together and find ways to make a positive change!

St. Eugene's BRAG BAG!

A couple of our 2014 graduates wanted to say "THANKS" to our teachers for giving them a great foundation to begin their journey in high school. Here is what they said...

Bobby Fiorante ~ St. Patrick High School

I would say that all the teachers at St. Eugene prepared me very well for high school. One teacher especially, Mrs. Taylor, has taught us so much about English and Literature elements that I would say it is almost easy to learn new things about Grammar or Short Stories because I have already learned them at St. Eugene with Mrs. Taylor. She would always be there for any questions that anyone might have had with issues on homework or anything else that we needed. She is a great teacher that, along with the other teachers, uses the right curriculum to prepare students well. It is great to have such supportive teachers at St. Eugene to guide me through the preparation for success at St. Patrick High School.

Danielle LaSusa ~ Resurrection College Prep

My name is Danielle LaSusa and I am an alumni of the class of 2014. I go to Resurrection College Prep and currently a freshman. St. Eugene prepared me tremendously for high school in all aspects. All the teachers gave me knowledge I needed to know to figure out different concepts. The education I received is making it a lot easier for me as an individual because some things we discuss in my classes, I have touched on in my St.Eugene years. Another way St.Eugene has prepared me for high school is with the athletic program. Because St. Eugene started athletics in the fourth grade, I believe it built up my skills physically and helped me work with others on a team. I am thankful I attended St.Eugene and got the education I did.

Becca Coleman ~ Loyola Academy

I believe that St. Eugene has prepared me very well for high school. It has

prepared me academically, socially, and spiritually. The classes are still difficult, but I am able to keep up and be active in the discussion. I am able to follow along and participate in class openly. St. Eugene has given me experience for reaching out when in need of help. Even with the homework load, I have learned to manage my time to get the most out of any free time. At St. Eugene we had small group projects or group discussions. Now I am able to work well with my class when assigned a group activity. I can talk openly with my friends when needed. I am in a Faith class with peers where God may not have ever been mentioned before. Some friends come from different religions, and a few are even atheists. I feel like I am not only engaged and can contribute to the conversation, but I can offer my help and thoughts to those that need it.

Ray Neylon ~ Notre Dame College Prep

St. Eugene School prepared me for Notre Dame College Prep in a couple of ways.

1) The grading system at St. Eugene is difficult and challenging and really made me want to work hard and always pass, which I did with honors and occasionally high honors. Because of this, I continue to work hard and do well in high school and realize hard work pays off. Sometimes it almost seems easier to achieve the higher grades because of the grading system at St. Eugene. Note taking also helped, as we take alot of notes in high school.

2) Because of some knee issues and surgeries I am unable to play sports in high school, but because I proved to be a good athlete at St. Eugene and on other traveling teams I continue to be motivated to make it back on the court and on the field. I had great coaches who were very motivational and accepting of the high school coaches.

3) High school is very different and as a freshman. The teachers and coaches and faculty are great and treat us as young men and continue to stress the importance of respect, support and hard work exactly what St. Eugene School did.

Maggie Ek ~ Maine South High School

St.Eugene prepared me for educational success at Maine South High School. Thanks to the curriculum and the skills I learned when I was there, I have been Student of the Month in both the English and Social Science department. The things I learned in Mrs. Taylor’s english class has helped me alot in my english class.The writing, grammar and other skills that were taught in her class prepared me very well for my class. We also can't forget the life lessons that she taught all of us on a daily basic. The outlining and reading comprehension taught Mrs.Berg’s history class, prepared me to be successful in my history class. What we learned about history too helped me have a further understanding of the concepts we are learning now. All in all, St. Eugene prepared me very well for success at Maine South High School.

Michael Fitzpatrick ~ Loyola Academy

Mrs. Taylor has helped me greatly in my first quarter at Loyola Academy, especially in my English class. The material that we have learned at Loyola was already shown to us by Mrs. Taylor. That was very helpful because we can excel in the first quarter at a new school. Mrs. Taylor has also helped us through the stories she made us read. One of the hardest stories I read was a Sherlock Holmes book called The Case of the Speckled Band. It was a hard read but I understood it very well. Then, what do you know, that is the first book we read in our English class. I flew through it and I aced the test. Overall, Mrs. Taylor was a great help in my high school English career.

Student Centered News!

2nd Grade

A Traditional Feast - 2014

This year marked the 20th year of the second grade Thanksgiving Feast! The feast has become a tradition for the second grade. After studying the history behind the first Thanksgiving, the students, with the help of moms began to prepare the food for the meal. Students made the trimmings and dessert the day before and the moms arrived early the day of the feast to prepare the turkey. In the classroom students were busy designing a placemat and turkey favors. Students also colored "turkey hats" which they wore during the meal. The actual meal began after Father George blessed the food. After much anticipation, the students were ready to "gobble up" a delicious meal!

5th grade

The 5th grade class, along with 4th grade, took a field trip to Cantigny in September. They took a tour of the grounds and the museum. The tour was given by a Veteran. They learned about WWI, WWll. and the Vietnam War. The students also wrote thank you notes to Veterans currently serving our country.

During Religion class the students have been comparing Eastern Catholic traditions and Western Catholic traditions. The class took a tour of St. Joseph Ukrainian Church with Fr. Mykola B. and then they took a tour of St. Eugene Church with Father George. The students saw the Alter stone at St. Eugene and learned quite a bit. If you come down the 5th grade hall you will see some great hand drawn pictures of the days events!

They have also studied Early Exploration of North America and are now learning about American Indian tribes.

8th Grade Buddies

Buddies for Life

First and Eighth grade "buddies" is a beloved, long standing tradition at St. Eugene. For parent that are not familiar with this, students in 8th grade are paired with a 1st grade student. The classes come together every Friday for school mass, at holiday parties, reading time, and many other events in school, exchange little gifts at Christmas time and most importantly, truly develop a friendship. The remarkable bond formed between an unlikely pair, offers a truly unique gift to both. The older buddy helps in the development and guidance of their younger peer and the contributions of the friendship are beneficial in many different ways. This was the case with Ryann Urey (4th grade) and Nicole Tomasik (Class of 2012). The two were paired as buddies 3 years ago and are still friends to this day. Nicole and her family have come to support Ryann the last 2 years as they walked together, hand in hand, in their quest to find a cure for Type 1 diabetes, a life-long, autoimmune disease that Ryann has been battling since February 2013. Nicole is now a junior at Resurrection High School where she swims and plays Lacrosse all while keeping an Honor Roll academic status. Ryann looks up to her "8th grade buddy" to this day as a role model and a friend. I know this friendship will be one to last a lifetime! ~ Carrie Urey


St. Eugene School entered the 2014 National Red Ribbon Photo Contest again this year and WON for a 3rd year in a row! St. Eugene was awarded $1000 and the Fergus family won an iPad, which they have generously decided to donate to our school!! Thanks to all those who voted to help our school win! It is really wonderful how the St. Eugene community came together to promote a great message for our students to choose to be healthy and DRUG FREE!

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Other School Events...

Summer "FUN" Camp - 2014

This past summer, St. Eugene offered a "FUN" camp for students in grades K-4th! It was held in the morning a couple days of the week in June. Not only did the kids have fun, but they did not want it to come to an end! The students were taught many fun filled cardiovascular games that encouraged teamwork, strategy, problem solving AND most importantly, made them sweat! Look for more information regarding registration in the month of May for future dates and fees!

Trunk and Treat - 2014

This event, to say the least, was a SUCCESS! Many parents came out and decorated their cars and enjoyed handing out candy to all the ghost and goblins "trunk or treating"! Once the kids were finished, they enjoyed fun filled games in the gym and had pizza and drinks. The evening came to an end with an awesome costume contest! Once again, our school community came together and spread Halloween spirit! Come out and join us next year...if you dare!!

We hope you enjoyed reading our school newsletter!

Have a VERY Merry Christmas!
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