By: Christian Camp

There are many diseases in the world. Some diseases are severe while others are not.
The worst outbreak in history was the Ebola outbreak.

Ebola....History of!

Ebola isn't a new disease, Ebola has been around for many years. The first outbreak happened at Zaire. Ebola patient zero is believed to be a two year old toddler in Guinea. The disease got it's name because the town of Zaire was next to the Ebola River Valley.

Ebola...the symptoms of!

Ebola can be pretty severe if it isn't treated. The first symptoms of Ebola are: abrupt fever, headache, sore throat, weakness, hiccups, and rashes. After a period of time the victim develops worse symptoms including: joint pain, muscle aches, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, Internal and External Bleeding.

Ebola...how it spreads

Ebola can spread by blood, tissue, and body fluids Including: saliva, victim's vomit, etc.

Ebola isn't airborne meaning it can't travel through air or on dust. The average Ebola deaths are about 36-38 deaths. There is currently no vaccine for Ebola, in fact the only treatment from Ebola are the experimental drugs.


Ebola can be very fatal if it isn't treated, which is why each year people discover more and more about Ebola. I'm sure there will soon be a vaccine for this deadly disease.