Albert Speer

By:Helena Sparbel

1. Pick a defendant, research, and summarize their crimes, convictions, and sentencing.

Albert Speer transmitted Jewish people to various armaments and munitions plants. Speer was sentence 20 years in prison. While in prison Speer wrote 2 books about his life.

2. Provide a picture, evidence used to convict them, and how they finished their lives…died in prision, executed, etc...

He admitted to every question that the lawyer had to ask that he was the the person that built all of Hitlers monuments and building he was Hitlers personal architect. Speer sent 1 million Jews as slave workers to various armaments and munitions plants. Speer wrote three books after he got out of jail and later died in 1981 at the age of 76.

3. Did the consequence fit the crime. What would you have suggested be a consequence for the individual you researched? What would you suggest be the consequence for all Nazi’s convicted of “crimes against humanity”

I think that Speers punishment fit perfect he got to think and learn how his mistakes and tasks changed people's life's. Speer also wrote books so that people could see the pressure and how he was brainwashed by Hitler. I think that everyone should at least have got a punishment weather it was a 1 year or death because they need to at least seen the ways they treated all those who did nothing wrong.