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The plot of unwind is their was a second civil war that happened in the future. It was over abortion, they made a compromise that if the parents didn't want their kid they could have them unwound between the ages 13-18. The characters learn that their going to be unwound so they make a break for it. Some get away some don't if they can live on the run till 18 then their free from being unwound but if caught after their 18 they will be put in jail for life.


The weather through the book is bright and sunny. Usually sometimes their was rain or it was cloudy. At some points in time it was cold. It was really ever storming or snowing or hailing.

Editorial and Ads

My opinion on the book is that is unique and it has its own kind of story. Its different their aren't that many story's that have that kind of dark idea. Its a very good book it is suspenseful and has scary parts and surprises. Some ads would be WANTED Connor or Risa or Levi Reward:$150,000,000. Or if you find or see this person call the authority's immediately.