To change the world and help the environment.

Help us in making this world a beautiful place.

  1. To change the world and make a difference and not just to make the earth look pretty but see what effect it will have on it and also on us.
  2. I've enjoyed this interest when i was five and when i first arrived in the u.s ,it had a big impact on me as a kid cause every time i would get upset or just give up on stuff i would go to our little garden in our back yard and just sit their and wonder and think about five year old stuff, and it was so calm, and peaceful like your in your own world and never want to leave.

3. I like this interest cause it's calm and it's OK if you get your hands a little dirty cause that's the whole point, like i want to make a big impact on people about gardening just like it did on me.

4. I've met people who love this more than me, by this "im not saying that their really crazy about, but that this is their job and seeing how they cherish it makes me really happy and i just want to be come that one day, and i planted trees and flowers down our street to bring joy and happiness.

Mrs.Jones Gardening class everyday @7am-4am @the community center.

I look up to Mrs.Jones that not only she gets up at "7 in the morning everyday" but her confidence and and how she builds up her self esteem and knows her self and to have all that that's pretty cool to me and she has her own class i mean come on! that's neat.