(5th highest peak in the world)

Jess Dotterer

Makalu, the fifth highest peak from Everest, has a 27,766 ft elevation. Really an extraordinary mountain in the gorgeous Khumbu, Nepal valley. If you’re gonna attempt to make the climb, you must be a daring dopamine junkie because Makalus fatality rate is higher than Mount Everest’s; 9.3% of climbers have died since 1954. You may also want to rent a yak for $120 a day (which isn’t a lot) to carry essential tools and belongings to escalate your survival rate. The first person to attempt the climb was William Siri in 1954 but retreated due to harsh weather conditions. The first actual climb was made by Lionel Terray and Jean Couzy in 1955. Future climbers can make their mark in history and be remembered for centuries.

equipment needed

  • You're probably gonna want to purchase neccesary gear and essential items. Such as:

    • Multiple jackets. More specifically ones that zip up in the front. It's much easier to remove than a pullover jacket and a hood to protect your neck

    • Insulated pants such as Polartec 300, Primaloft or Polargard HV fill will be best to keep out the cold

    • Ski goggles and glacier glasses protect against snow blindness and damage to the eyes' corneas

    • The face should be protected with a balaclava at the very least, and a neoprene or wired mask. In addition to preventing frostbite, the wired mask might also be able to help you avoid getting what is known as "Khumbu- cough", a sever hacking from the high altitudes

    • You will need various Alpine tools to manage the crevices, thin ridges, snow and ice.

    • Specific items are ropes, a harness, crampons, ice ax with leash, carabiners, webbing, cord, trekking poles, rappelling equipment, ascenders, and slings

    • Oxegen tank for extreme height

    • $120 to rent a yak


Yaks are helpful in many ways. You can rent a yak for just $120 an hour. They can carry essential items to guarantee your survival. Such as medical equipment or tents.
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